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Kirby vs.Jack Kirby
Kirby Jack Kirby

By fnord12 | October 29, 2015, 12:56 PM | Comics & Video Games & Whoodwin


Kirby would swallow Jack Kirby and wear his skin!

I'm not so sure,min as Jack would have the ability to summon any hero he drew to help him.

Clearly, it's Jack Kirby. Beyond the power to summon any hero he draws, I'm sure he can erase drawings, which would destroy Kirby pretty fast.

you're all cracked in the head. Kirby's going to eat you all.

Is this like the cartoon "Duck Amuck" where an at-first-unseen animator tortures Daffy Duck by changing Daffy's location, appearance, shape, etc.?

Or is this just a straight-up fistfight?

Either way, I vote for Jack Kirby.

I'm with min on this one. Call it a hunch.