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Type V Horde

When picking out figures for each batch of the giant pile of Reaper Bones that i got from the Kickstarter, i tried to resist the impulse to paint all the really cool figures first, because i knew that would leave me with a ton of figures that i would never want to paint. On the other hand, since i knew it would take literally years to paint them all, i tried to prioritize some of the better figures and the ones that would be immediately useful to my D&D campaign. So it was a balancing act, and it seems to be one that i've ultimately failed, because when i look through the remaining figures i'm less than inspired. So it's going to mostly be adventurers and grunt monsters for now on. Which, to be clear, is very useful in the long run. It's just not as fun to sit down and paint a bunch of fighters and goblins as opposed to, say, Cthlulu or the Jabberwocky.

These two figures weren't supposed to be a set (as far as i know), but i noticed they wore armor and had long luxurious hair, so i thought they could work as a pair of NPC twins.

The figure on the left below is wearing an admiral's jacket (more visible from the back, not shown), and red and yellow seemed like a good color scheme for that. I later noticed that she has a gun on her belt, which means she shouldn't really be in my D&D campaign, so i kind of blobbed the paint over that to hide it. She was also wearing nothing but a sports bra under her jacket so i had to do a little de-nudification . And then it turned out that she's wearing these giant honking gloves, made all the more noticeable by the fact that my chosen color scheme meant that they were going to be bright yellow. Plus she's holding some giant coin or gem or something, which isn't very useful. So basically i hate her and i'm going to stick her in the back of a drawer and never use her.

The ranger figure is fine, although here is my plea to miniature makers: stop putting the figures on props. I guess that might be for people that put their miniatures in dioramas or something. For people that actually use them in games, it's a little silly. Does she drag that tree trunk around with her as she goes into towns and dungeons?

Next up, the good and bad sides of villagers. One minute they are bringing you mead; the next thing you know they are chasing you out of town with torches and pitchforks.

And here is the one special figure of this lot. She's not a figure i ever actually needed, but she is based on an official D&D creature. In the unceremonious language of 1st Edition AD&D, she is a Type V Demon. Later editions calls her a Marilith (which was actually the name of a specific individual Type V Demon in 1st Edition). I considered painting her with a color scheme to match Spiral from Marvel comics, with white hair and maybe a blue tail. But when i was a kid i had a trading/stat card set that included this creature, and it used the colors that i ended up using. I didn't du-nudify since that's the way these demons roll (or slither).

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That villager has some big jugs *nudge, nudge* *wink, wink*. Sorry, I couldn't help it.

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

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Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

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