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In short: he's trolling you

Michael Tracey has some good advice for journalists, and everyone really, on dealing with Trump's tweets.

I did love how after Trump's latest flag burning tweet Clinton surrogates were all "See? See? He really is a bad guy!" (as if that were in doubt). And then when it was pointed out that Clinton co-sponsored an actual bill banning flag burning in 2005, the response was 1) well it was to prevent a constitutional amendment! and 2) yeah, but she wasn't going to revoke citizenship. On 1), this is the second time the "prevent constitutional amendment" defense was invoked - the first was over DOMA - and i love how when leftists want a constitutional amendment - say, Bernie's proposal to get money out of politics - we're told that we're asking for an unpossible unicorn, but when Republicans threaten it Democrats immediately shit their pants and hand over their (actually our) wallets. And for 2), i continue to marvel at how the Clinton people think being slightly less awful is a winning strategy. I know i sound like i'm re-litigating the primary but Clinton's campaign team, her supporters in the DNC, etc., aren't going away and we're going to be fighting these same battles in 2020 if we don't nip this stuff in the bud.

Aaand judging by how far i went off topic here, looks like i failed to follow Tracey's advice. How the fuck did i get sucked into an argument about flag burning?

By fnord12 | November 30, 2016, 7:49 AM | Liberal Outrage