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Formerly Grey Horde

This was going to just be the "grey horde", because while painting the last batch i spilled a lot of grey paint and had to quickly grab a bunch of miniatures to base coat (again).

And that worked out pretty well for my final Drider and another one-eyed lizardman:

And these beetles, because who really cares:

But when i got to these goblins, i decided that i liked their faces too much to do a total crap job with them. My original reasoning was that i have so many goblins that i didn't need to do anything special with these, so i was just going to let them be grey and do a black wash over the armor and not much else. But i couldn't let myself do it. And the grey paint was a little too dark for regular base coating (the colors weren't popping) and not quite dark enough for the "dry brush only" technique (see the 'again' link). So i ended up totally painting over the goblins trying to get something that worked and there's very little of the original grey exposed. I also intended to just keep using the brushes i used on the last batch since i don't think i'll paint any more on this vacation, but i pretty much destroyed the cheapo detail brush that i used last time and i had to break out a new one. As it is, i'm still not sure if i really did the goblins justice but they're better than my first draft.

Since i had to grab all of these quickly due to the spilled paint, i didn't have time to do the cold water / hot water technique, so the Drider and some of the goblins are bent at unusual angles. Not that the water technique works all that well anyway. I'm also realizing that i forgot to de-nudify the Drider this time; i think after the last batch i've become desensitized to it.

By fnord12 | December 20, 2016, 6:25 PM | D&D

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

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