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Keith Ellison on the Democratic Party


Most importantly, he reminds all the blockheads that hey, you can actually fight for people of color and the white working class at the same goddamned time!

Well, the party needs to be very clear that we have to stand for a strong, populist economic message and we have to care for everybody's rights and uphold everyone's human dignity. If we try to trade one for the other, we're going to lose both.

The way the working class is always controlled is that it's divided. When you don't stand together in solidarity, the other side starts picking off groups, and they end up hurting everybody.

...many people in the white working class voted for Obama twice, and then they voted for Trump. The way I see it, the alt-right movement is parasitic, trying to insert itself into the legitimate grievances of the American working class. If they are allowed to be successful, everyone's situation is going to get worse. Once they turn us against each other, they get people competing against each other, our focus turns, and the economic situation gets worse.

Why is the south historically the poorest part of the country? Because when they held black people in slavery, they didn't have to pay white people much of nothing.

So we are all better off when we have solidarity. We need to unify because if we're together, we can make a common demand for more fairness and more prosperity.

By min | December 1, 2016, 12:07 PM | Liberal Outrage