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The World We Live In

Back in 2002 when i attempted to make cheesey biscuits but the vegan cheese at the time was so awful that they came out more like fishy biscuits, i could never have imagined a world where bloody Breyers would put out a vegan ice cream!

Our friend Original Bob tipped us off to the miraculous news that Ben & Jerry's and Breyers were both selling vegan ice cream in regular supermarkets. So, clearly, we looked for it on our very next shopping trip. And also clearly, we had to get both brands.

Both were surprisingly good. Our current favorite is Coconut Bliss and still is even after tasting these two. The Breyers tasted a little "thin", not very creamy, but pretty good and much better than the So Delicious attempts (both soy and coconut). The Ben & Jerry's was very good, but I'm withholding final judgement until i taste a vanilla-based flavor. Coffee can hide flaws. Fnord12 wouldn't let me get all of the B&J pints so it'll be some time before I try another flavor. I dunno why he's always trying to keep me down.

Now, you know what's a truly horrible vegan ice cream?

This one:

OMG it's so bad. I can't even describe how bad it is. It's icy and worst than tasteless. There's a horrible aftertaste that hits you after you swallow. Don't get this. We should have known something was wrong because the container listed a whole bunch of stuff it was "free of" and that just means someone's trying to make shit healthy. You can't make healthy ice cream! IT'S ICE CREAM JUST EAT IT AND SHUT UP! So, yeah, don't get this. It's the ice cream equivalent of fish biscuits.

fnord12: Someone needs to lotion more.

By min | February 21, 2017, 11:33 AM | Vegan Vittles