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It's not a tactical error

Jeff Spross has a good article up on why the Democrats should stop attacking Trump on the deficit. Where i disagree with Spross is that he frames it as the Dems attacking Trump, and Republicans generally, on the hypocrisy of complaining about the deficit and then increasing it when they are in office. But i think we are way past giving the Dems the benefit of the doubt on that at this point. It may have started as a way to point out the irony or (moreso) outflank the Republicans on the right to neutralize it as a campaign issue. But they've been doing it for so long it's now just a part of their philosophy. Bill Clinton dismantled welfare and balanced the budget. The Dems re-instituted PayGo when they took back Congress in 2006. Obama tried to cut social security and balance the budget as part of the Catfood Commission Grand Bargain. And now they're attacking Trump for (as Spross points out) exactly the wrong reasons. At some point we have to accept that the party of Wall Street is doing this because it's what they believe, not because of short-sighted tactics.

By fnord12 | April 28, 2017, 10:34 AM | Liberal Outrage