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"Slowly" being a key point

On Twitter, David Klion notes the increased support among Democratic politicians and says that both Bernie & Hillary partisans should acknowledge that Bernie is slowly but surely winning. As a supporter of Bernie and (more to the point) his policies, i'd like to take heart in that. But the problem is that $15/hour is insufficient to start with and will be even more out of date after it "slowly" garners enough support to pass (at least four years from now until after Trump is gone) and then is slowly phased in (the phase-in is necessary to not bankrupt small businesses overnight). If we were keeping up with general gains in productivity, the minimum wage would be over $20 already. Some 6+ years from now, bringing the minimum wage to $15 will of course be better than what it is currently, but it won't be doing a thing to address income inequality.

By fnord12 | April 26, 2017, 9:57 AM | Liberal Outrage