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Low turnout among black voters

One of the most important post-mortems that i linked to after the election was this one, which showed that a decline in the participation of black voters was a big part of Hillary's loss. It's a factor that has been mostly ignored because it doesn't fit the bullshit narrative that Bernie's solution is to "ditch identity politics" and focus on the "white" working class. The truth is that the decline of good paying union factory jobs has affected everybody, not just white people.

An analysis in the Washington Post has more data on the decline in the black vote:

Voter turnout among whites -- the racial/ethnic group most strongly in Trump's corner -- increased by 2.4 percentage points in 2016 compared to 2012. In stark contrast, turnout among African Americans -- the group most loyal to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party -- fell by 4.7 percentage points nationally.

...These national averages obscure important patterns. Here's what stands out: while the decline in black turnout was stark across the board, it was sharpest, on average, in the states that determined the outcome of the election.

...in Michigan and Wisconsin -- two key Midwestern states where, to analysts' surprise, Trump won -- black turnout fell by more than 12 points.

Hillary Clinton had nothing to offer people whose jobs were lost to NAFTA and other such factors, especially after eight years where Obama failed to do anything for them. You can go back to the previous post (linking again) to see some quotes from people saying exactly that. Sanders has a solution, but the Democratic party is still resisting it. I'm hoping that the Washington Post analysis will raise the topic again.

By fnord12 | May 10, 2017, 8:10 AM | Liberal Outrage