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Main Stream Media is Useless

I haven't been able to read most of it for the last year because it's turned into the "All Trump, All the Time" outlet.

Thomas Frank on how the media continues to fail:

It's about legitimacy, of course, and what's left of the respectable press is utterly captivated by the theme. It completely defines their war on Trump, for example. They know what a politician is supposed to look like and act like and sound like; they know that Trump does not conform to those rules; and they react to him as a kind of foreign object jammed rudely into their creamy world, a Rodney Dangerfield defiling the fancy country club.

I believe that the news media needs to win its war with Trump, and urgently so. But as long as they understand that war as a crusade to reestablish the old rules of legitimacy, they are going to continue to fail. Until the day they get it right, the world will burn while the in-crowd parties obliviously on.

I'm not holding my breath for the media to eventually "get it". What's worse is the people who still rely on them for information. Ugh.

By min | July 21, 2017, 11:42 PM | Liberal Outrage