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How to tell you're a professional

Back when i was in college circa 1996 i remember either Tom Brevoort or Kurt Busiek on racmu advising someone about pursuing a career in comics. The warning was that you may love comics, but once it becomes your job it changes everything. For one thing, you learn more about the technical aspects of how comics are produced and it makes it impossible to just read it and enjoy a comic for what it is (in that sense, it's probably similar to - but not identical to - being a comic critic or whatever the hell i am). For another thing, you should always have hobbies that you can retreat to after a bad day at work, but if your hobby is your work that becomes a lot harder. I never harbored a fantasy of becoming a comic book writer or a musician (my other main hobby) but i did think it was good advice and i think about it every so often and have shared the story with others.

(In retrospect, if it was Brevoort, i also should have seen it as a warning sign that he was already becoming the burnt out shell of a man that seems to be nowadays.)

Anyway, i cam across this random comic on Twitter and it seems that the sentiment isn't exclusive to the comics industry:

(I hope no one minds me posting this. I don't have a way to link to the "source". The version i saw on Twitter even had the copyright info cropped off, but at least i was able to find that.)

By fnord12 | October 24, 2017, 2:16 PM | Ummm... Other?