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Star Wars Eats

We've been doing monthly movie marathons lately. The latest was Rogue One and The Force Awakens and ofc i had to make some vegan Star Wars themed foods because Star Wars der.

vegan chocolate peanut butter carbonite Han
Peanut butter filled chocolate carbonite Han candies

vegan Vader cornbread
Vader-imprinted cornbread to go with the "Mos Eisley" chili (it was made of scum and villainy. and beans.)

vegan Leia orange creamsicle cupcakes
Orange creamsicle cupcakes decorated with bunhead Leia. I know. If you didn't know it was supposed to be Leia, you'd never have guessed. They're still adorable so who cares?

vegan bb-8 millenium falcon curried beef pie
BB-8 and Millenium Falcon-shaped puff pastry filled with vegan curried beef and potatoes. I drew out the templates on paper and then covered the templates in foil so the grease from the pastry would make the paper all gross. Williams-Sonoma or someone prolly sells a cookie/sandwich cutter, though.

Big thank you to Original Bob for providing the Han ice mold, Vader pancake mold, Millenium Falcon platter, and Vader tray.

I plan on posting the recipes eventually. Although, it's going to be kinda hard for the hand pies cause i mostly didn't measure the seasonings...My genius cannot be contained by your mundane measuring spoons!!!!

By min | November 8, 2017, 12:58 PM | Movies & Star Wars & Vegan Vittles