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Everybody's Mad at Donna Brazile

Thomas Frank on the mainstream libs (when can we take back the word "liberal" from these guys?) are pissed about Brazile's book confirming the primary process was rigged for Clinton.

Members of the punditburo blasted Sanders last year for suggesting such a thing; now they are blasting Brazile for confirming it. They vituperate even though what she and Sanders have said is, well, true.

Which is to say that the fury swirling around Donna Brazile is somehow symptomatic of our times. Since she had a front-row seat to everything that happened last year, her analysis and recollections of that volcanic election are valuable by definition. But what she has to tell us doesn't fit easily into the simple moral framework that now guides all our thinkings on politics.

For example. Donna Brazile wanted Hillary Clinton to be president and worked hard to achieve that result, but she also thinks Clinton and her team blundered repeatedly. This feels like common sense to me, but in the Republic of the Righteous it is a brain-stopping contradiction; it may not be uttered.
Hacks review: Donna Brazile lifts lid on Hillary and the Democrats' disaster

The former DNC chair's memoir of election defeat has it all: Russian hackers, campaign drama and a reigniting of bitter internal feuds
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Brazile regards Donald Trump as an obvious scoundrel, yet she can also understand how he appealed to ordinary Americans in the deindustrialized states. Again, not a startling insight, really - but try saying it in the pages of any American prestige publication.

The reaction to her book, Brazile said when I phoned her this month, is as though she "had broken the holy grail of politics".

By min | December 20, 2017, 11:35 AM | Liberal Outrage