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UBI or Die

This article talks about how Facebook (and presumably Twitter) is killing all content producers, largely because people can view the content on Facebook and never go to the producer' sites and generate ad revenue. I don't dispute anything in the article but i think the premise needs to be examined. Relying on ad revenue in the first place seems to be an increasingly dubious prospect on the internet, even if Facebook, Google, etc.. weren't sucking up all of what there is of it. We need a real solution to this problem, but it's not the sort of thing our 80 year old senators - bought by various interests - are equipped to discuss. And until someone comes up with a better idea, i'm going to say that we just need to give everyone a Universal Basic Income so that they can produce awesome stuff on the internet and not be afraid that they're going to starve to death because of Facebook.

By fnord12 | February 7, 2018, 11:40 AM | Liberal Outrage