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Richard Cohen proves male privilege just by continuing to have a job

I had no idea that Even The Liberal* Richard Cohen was still being published, but his latest column came to my attention and he sure hasn't gotten any better.

The mere existence of this column, and the fact that he's allowed to publish such poorly argued and poorly written trash, defeats his thesis. Imagine writing lines like "The many dead of our national cemeteries suggest otherwise" and not having an editor reject your entire piece. Let along front loading your piece with six fucking paragraphs disproving your main point thinking that you can then follow it up with a BUT! followed by a personal anecdote and think that you've made a coherent argument.

*Richard Cohen's function has always been to exist so that conservatives can say "even the liberal Richard Cohen hates affirmative action", "even the liberal Richard Cohen supports the Iraq War", etc..

By fnord12 | April 17, 2018, 2:18 PM | Liberal Outrage