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The 'Kill Bernies In The Cradle' Proposal

Ruby Cramer at Buzzfeed:

In a forthcoming study for New York University's law journal, [DNC member Elaine Kamarck] said, she will propose a number of changes to the nominating system, from an increase in superdelegates to a new pre-primary endorsement process where the party's top elected officials would meet with the candidates, question their positions, and issue votes of confidence or no-confidence. Candidates who fail to meet a certain threshold would be barred from debates or from a spot on the ballot, depending on how the party decided to structure the system, she said.

"This whole idea runs completely counter to where the public is," Kamarck admitted, referring to the broad support particularly among Sanders supporters for a reduction in superdelegates. "However, if the Trump presidency crashes and burns and takes the GOP with it, which is not unrealistic, this dialogue will start."

Unclear what "Trump presidency crashes and burns and takes the GOP with it" actually means and why it would have any relevance on the DNC's rules. But this is definitely a good way to ensure that a huge percentage of potential Democratic voters never trust the party again.

By fnord12 | April 22, 2018, 11:24 PM | Liberal Outrage