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Business Insider embarasses itself for Jeff Bezos

Watch this switcharoo:

Senator Bernie Sanders called out Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Twitter on Tuesday, comparing the executive's wealth to the typical Amazon worker who makes a little over $28,000. While Bernie Sanders may have been making a point about workers' wages, Bezos' annual salary is likely much smaller than what most might expect.

Even the headline, Jeff Bezos' annual salary is a lot less than Bernie Sanders probably thinks, is garbage. Did Bernie say anything about salary? No, but he "probably thinks" something about Bezos' salary, so let's build a whole article around that to obfuscate around what Bernie says about Bezos' wealth compared to that of his workers.

You also have to love this line (currently being employed by Elon Musk stans as well) that a business owner doesn't draw a large salary from his company. No, he just hoards all the wealth the company is generating. Imagine thinking that saying that you can live your (lavish) life without drawing a salary is a defense against not treating workers fairly.

By fnord12 | May 24, 2018, 9:55 AM | Liberal Outrage