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Recap 10 - July 7th, 2007

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Grell, Kopru, Salamanders, and a Kraken

After escaping the dimensional portal, some of the party members were the worse for wear. Malouf had lost his soul-sucking sword and was left only with the axe his brother's doppleganger used in Yog-Soggoth's dimension. Reeling from the effects of wielding the magickal sword, Malouf refused to use this magic axe and instead opted for a torch as his weapon.

To their dismay, the corridor was filled with gorbels. Hoping to avoid another fight so soon, Snow advised the party not to attack the gorbels as long as the gorbels remained passive. The group was able to move carefully passed them to retrieve their belongings from behind the golem.

Before leaving the room, Snow and Brecaryn formulated a plan for disabling the golem. Using the phasing ring, Brecaryn was able to take the golem out of phase and leave him there. They could now collect the three objects on the pedestal - the collapsible canoe, the restraining fork, and the double-barreled crossbow.

Injured and tired, the party decided to find a location in the dungeon to rest before continuing on. In the middle of the night, the party was attacked by grell and suffered more injuries, thus requiring further rest. While they recuperated, pterodactyls flew down and roosted in front of the temple, thus ensuring leaving would not be a simple matter.

At length, the party was able to deal with the mystery of the necklaces they had collected from each faction. Placing the appropriate necklace around the neck of the corresponding statue caused the floor to descend. What the party discovered at the bottom was a cavern filled with lava rivers. Upon entering the cavern, Snow and Brecaryn detected something or someone trying to manipulate their thoughts. Upon questioning, some of the party members admitted to feeling a bit odd. Malouf complained of a growing hunger that could not be sated with food. Could this be related to the axe? Like the sword before, did its hunger for blood also create a hunger in the wielder when unsated?

Unable to do anything else, the party moved onward. They were immediately set upon by fire basilisks. Sustaining some injuries, the party managed to beat the basilisk back only to find more enemies ahead - armored kopru.

Defeating these, the party noticed a couple of drow appear. They spoke briefly to Flerm before disappearing. Next, the group encountered unarmored kopru. Before they were killed, they managed to take control of Lieralyn, turning her against her party members.

The party was able to subdue her, but not before Flerm was hurt, thus flaming the natural animosity between the elves.

Suddenly, fire salamanders appeared, flooding the corridor with lava, forcing the party to retreat down a tunnel. Flerm tried to stop them by throwing the ice gem into the lava, to no effect. Now the gem was lost.

The tunnel opened up to reveal an army of armored and unarmored kopru standing on an island surrounded by lava. At one end of the cavern was a large mountain. Off to the side, on its own island, was a device similar to the one the group saw in the machine room up above.

As the enemies closed in, outnumbering the party, using mind control to turn the allies against each other, Brecaryn spotted the ice gem in the lava at the salamanders' feet. Sending her owl, it dove around the salamanders and swooped in to grab the gem.

The owl tried to take the gem to the machine but the hatch was closed and the owl could not get it in. Snow raced passed the armored kopru and leapt over the lava, hoping she had enough momentum to make it to the island.

She did not. She fell into the molten liquid and sank. A second later, Snow burst out of the lava and grabbed the ice gem. The ice gem caused all the heat and fire from the lava to disappear. Snow quickly shoved the gem into the machine and everything froze.

The unarmoured kopru in the lava died and the salamanders were weakened by the frigid temperature. The party killed all but one kopru. They tried to question it but it refused to offer any information. Malouf ended its life.

Sensing they were not yet out of danger, the group cautiously entered the mountain. What awaited them was a fire kraken nearly as tall as the mountain. At first the heroes tried to attack the monster head on. Snow successfully blinded it in one eye, but the kraken still had the advantage. Remembering they had growth potions at their disposal, Snow, Flerm, and Lieralyn finally posed a real threat to the monster. It soon died.

Meanwhile, Malouf, Alana, and Brecaryn made their way to a small temple in the back of the mountain and discovered chests. Upon opening the chests, Malouf and Alana were overcome by poison, passing out. Brecaryn took this time of quiet to explore the contents of the chests, finding scrolls and gold and arrows. She also discovered a covered mirror that looked exactly like the one they had left on the ship. Now they would be able to travel back to their ship and to Beeblebrox without having to survive more perils of the Isle.

The cleric Josy administered a spell that woke Malouf long enough for him to drag out Alana, the mirror, and the chest full of gold. Their giant companions managed to lift everyone and everything out before the potions' magicks wore off. Josy's spell also wore off and the barbarian collapsed.

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