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The "Eat My Leftover Halloween Candy" Party. (Nov 01, 2008)

The food!

Min made a vast assortment of vegan vittles, including Curry Pockets, Mushroom Turnovers, Sweedish Wheatballs, Bean Salad, Cous-Cous & Zuchinni, and Fried Rice. For dessert she made Pumpkin Pie and these delicious apple-cider donuts.

There used to be more donuts, but they got et.

She also made a nice fruit punch, with this nice fruity ice sculpture thingy on top.

The challenges!

Jabba the Hutt Barge Building

Bob was disqualified from the contest because he's a professional lego builder, but he still helped lead the way.

Leia's boobies are a bit disturbing.

Starfaith was deemed the Barge Builing MVP (AKA Lego-Lass), and got to pick from the Box of Terrible Prizes. She went with the toolset, which had the most potential for re-gifting.

Heroscape Tourney

We built a little mini board, probably less than a quarter of the usual size we play on. This was so we could play a 'short' game. By short, we mean an hour and a half.

Bob and min's alliance of Spider-Man and the Gorillinators beat out fnord and rose's Vampire/Cowboy team and Wanyas and Penny's Elves + Zombies. Bob very reluctantly chose a prize, and went with the silly putty.

Halo Championship

It's not a party without Halo. (Although Earth Defense Force 2017 was a surprise hit as well. Not that it should be a surprise that people would like to go around and shoot giant ants with rockets.)

Nsxt290 won the most Halo games, and chose the non-vegan wallet from the Terrible Prizes.

Nsxt290 requested that Rose be included in his Championship picture. Possibly because he knew he wouldn't have won if he hadn't killed her so many times.


Desperate to empty our prize box, we also held a raffle, and Spored To Death won it. He went with the stapler. Boring, yet practical (which doesn't sound anything like Spored).

Prize Free

No terrible prizes for the Wii-players. Throwing out your shoulder in Mario & Sonic at the Olympics is its own reward.

The whippersnapper!

This young ruffian showed up and caused a bit of a ruckus. He was the property of Julia and Steve. Or maybe vice versa.

The final results

Not nearly enough candy eaten, not nearly enough terrible prizes given away.

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