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Return of the Son of the Indian Lake Vacation Pictures

On our fourth trip up to the Adirondacks, we climbed Snowy Mountain again. Snowy Mountain is the tallest mountain in the region. To climb it is to suffer, so why wouldn't we climb it twice?

Humbled and chastised about our previous pictures of "rocks and trees", we knew we couldn't really capture the amazing view, so we didn't take millions of pictures this time, but we did take a few.

In the distance near the lake, you can see the road where we started it. We hiked a long way, and we are very, very high up.


Don't let her smile fool you. She's as scared as i was. We were at the top of the firetower on the top of the mountain at this point. It is all metal and clinks and clanks and there's tons of wind and you are sooooo high up it is truly terrifying. Someone scrawled on the ceiling of the tower that they made it to the top in 7 hours. Pfah! We did it in like 4.

As if the climb wasn't enough of an ordeal, we also had to contend with the most aggressive chipmunks this side of the Atlantic. Just as we finally left the peak, 30 of them jumped out of the brush, wielding spears and chanting angrily.

Scavengers Some people left a messy camp site behind but the chipmunks weren't too upset by it.

Also: deadly snakes

Indian Pipe We had just learned about this the previous day at the Nature Museum. It's a plant that doesn't produce chloroform chlorophyll colorforms. Since it can't create its own nutrients Smurf stickers, it steals them from trees. So it's a parasite. Just like me.

And finally, the picture you've all been waiting for:
Meat Store of the North
The Meat Store of the North

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