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The following journal was found in the back of a Peugeot rental car in Shannon, Ireland. The authors have never been found so some of the information can not be verified and some of the more uncomprehensible rantings can not be properly assigned meaning. Nonetheless as a document of historical record we felt it was important to reprint the contents of the journal unabridged an unedited. (If you would prefer to skip the journal and proceed directly to the accompanying pictures, click here.)

"You know, I have to say, I think it's good I did this hostel thing in my thirties, and I'll tell you why...If I had done it in my twenties or teens, I would've been naive enough to think that hostels were exotic and romantic. But once you're in your thirties, you've lived enough to know they're gross and should be avoided at all costs."
-- Lorelei Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Ireland Vacation

  Priscilla Roddy
Kilometers driven: 2,226
Books read: Farnham's Freehold by Robert A. Heinlein, The Conservative Nanny State by Dean Baker The Conservative Nanny State by Dean Baker, Famine by Seamus Patrick Flannery, The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century by Harry Turtledove , et. al
Music purchased: Kick by White Rose Movement, Derdang Derdang by Archie Bronson Outfit, The Best of Booker T. and the MGs, New Wave Heroes Compilation, traditional Irish Music
I am: Less tired
More tired
About the same
compared to when i started my vacation.
Less tired
More tired
About the same
compared to when i started my vacation.


May 29th (Monday) to May 30th (Tuesday)

-Flight from JFK to Shannon (7pm EST Monday to 9:30am (IRL time) Tuesday)
-Cliffs of Moher
-The Burren in Doolin
-Galway City
-Rossavael for the ferry to Inishmor
-Inishmor: Mainistir House Hostel

Flight to Shannon

safety video malfunctioned
"we have a long-standing relationship with Coca-Cola. The beverages served will be Coke products." You see how they mock me?
vegetarian, no dairy dinner was actually chicken
vegetarian, no dairy breakfast was a cold, salty bagel w/cream cheese on the side and a pkg of corn flakes with milk, and some grapes. Rod at least got a pkg of jelly and a moist towelette.
regular breakfast consisted of the same bagel and condiments, orange juice, a banana, and a granola bar.

Whilst pondering why our veg, no dairy breakfast was so different from the regular, Rod asked, "Did everyone else get a box of gravy?"

First impressions:

Brian lied. The steering wheel is on the right hand side.

Flock of sheep sitting in a field next to the runway.

Everything is green and beautiful and covered in cows - so far.

Americans don't believe in obeying signs.

Galway was confusing to get to, difficult to navigate once there, and crowded. They have a Salt and Pepper, though, so that's one redeeming quality.

The Irish have an aversion to street signs. Major highways are marked at the traffic circles, but once you're on the road, that's it. And once you get into a city, they stop bothering with signs at all.

Ferry people are like grease truck people
Ferry lady recognized priscilla
Ferry was late in departing - "Irish time"
Fell asleep on ferry
Submitted to tour bus lift to Mainistir
Weird purple room - no dinner. Not very private. Damp. Shared bathrooms felt dirty and were "under construction"
Fell asleep early. Woke up w/fire alarm.
Showered, went back to sleep

May 31st (Wednesday)

Woke up for breakfast - oatmeal and toast
French-West Indies host grumpy
HS-aged table mates from NC. Weird girl. She kept saying she'd had oatmeal before but never real porridge.
Tai chi
Day of walking. Got sunburned, ate shepard's pie
For dinner sat in back room. Unvegan soup, green beans, corn, lentils, rice. Uppity guy from Berkley ("conflict studies"), Canuck bikers, Swiss chick, & Lisa - older lady interested in 5th century monks-feminist aspect. Walked to hotel but no music. Talked about Aran economy.
No hot water - skipped showers.

Mainistir House is supposedly well-known for its vegetarian buffet. Apparently, that translates into oatmeal, cornflakes, and toast for breakfast with glaring.

If it weren't for the out of order dormitory baths and damp air, I prolly would feel the "cleanliness" was on par with Indian Lake. Also, big, open window (no shades) right in front of the shower stalls.

Day of walking and new shoes broke my feet.

Everything is a pile of rocks and horse poop.

The lady's name is actually "Linda". Canucks were Katie and Becky. Katie looked like a dk blonde/light brunette version of Rita. Becky was snarky. Mr. U.C. Berkley was trying to make headway with the blonde Rita.

June 1st (Thursday)

Breakfast - toast at the coffee shop. no glaring.
Tai chi
SuperMacs for lunch
Worried we'd missed the ferry - Irish time.
Cow herding
Beeline to Athlone after ferry ride (park and pay 5Euros/day - the old man asks you how many days you've parked)
Ate pasta primavera
Went to pub - bad "live" music, tried to drink Guinness

Dear Lonely Planet: Hugo's doesn't exist anymore

Once we realized how long it took to drive places (people lied to me again), we had to revamp our plans. Last minute cancellations at 3 B&Bs (prolly resulting in them hating us and having to pay some sort of fee) made more difficult by our inability to comprehend European phone numbers and how to dial them. I gave up and emailed the 3rd one. Calls to North Ireland from the Republic are nigh impossible. Easier to call from the U.S.

Riverside Inn was a nice change from the hostel. Nice ensuite bathroom for one thing. It's upstairs from a bar. Oddly, despite this and the busy night life of the area, it was very quiet in our room. It was also in the "Bohemian" side of town.

I always thought Guinness was just some brand they marketed to Americans as "real Irish beer" but apparently it's a huge deal in Ireland.

Beer Theory:

Beer always tasted watered down to me and I've read that what we call beer would not be legally allowed to be labelled beer in Europe. So, i thought i might like European beer cause it might not taste so watered down.

Test: Ordered a pint of Guinness for each of us. I managed to drink 1/2.

Results: Beer still tastes bad. In fact, Guinness was everything i hate about beer and bitter.

June 2nd (Friday)

-Athlone to Dublin
-Dublin to Wicklow
-Wicklow: The Grand Hotel

Can't stand the "highways" here. They're called "national roads" and are major motorways between cities. They're almost entirely single-laned roads with a shoulder. Imagine the Turnpike got replaced with Rt. 27. On top of that, they literally go through the towns. So traffic backs up every few miles as the speed limit drops (from a roaring 100km/hr=60mph - if you're lucky and haven't gotten stuck behind a tractor) while we meander through a village nobody wanted to stop in anyway.

Either everyone's a tourist or all the Irish can't conceive of driving at any speed other than 50mph. 50mph on the straight-aways and 50mph on the narrow, super-windy, blind corner roads.

Dublin sucks. Worse than Galway. Imagine NYC. Now take away the extra-wide avenues, the orderly grid design, and the wide sidewalks. Replace them with a road exactly wide enough for 2 cars and a row of parked cars and sidewalks not much wider than your average suburban sidewalk. Also, remember how back in the day cities used to build roads in such a way to confuse invaders? Well, in Dublin, they kept those roads. Except now they're paved and 18-wheelers drive on them.

We got the hell out of there.

Lonely Planet describes Wicklow as a small town, kinda quaint, near the water. Well, it's small and near the water, but it's totally congested and i'm not sure if quaint is the right way to describe it. There's nothing in this town. Yet it has this really nice hotel right there at the entrance to the town. I don't know what it's doing there in this crappy town. On the plus side, besides water, we found a fair. with rides. Rod got "candy floss". We saw a seal. Found an Indian restaurant for dinner. Samosas had more of a spring roll type wrapper. I think i liked them better.

June 3rd (Saturday) - June 4th (Sunday)

-Wicklow to Waterford
-Waterford to Cork
-Cork to Bandon
-Bandon to Clonakilty
-Clonakilty to Cork
-Cork to Bantry (thru Inchigeelah)
-Bantry to Cork (thru Dunmanaway and Bandon)

This cannot be stressed enough. It is the most insane ritual we've ever experienced.

This is not just some 3-day weekend. It is no Memorial Day. It is insanity.

The first sign was all the traffic we hit on the way to Waterford. We thought it was just wkend shore traffic (the weather's been spectacularly warm and sunny) made worse by their primitive road system. The truth is that on a bank holiday weekend, every single person in the entire country leaves their hometown and heads towards a major city. If the hotels and b&bs in said major city in question happens to all be booked up, they will settle for the hotels in the next nearest town. Any town, in fact, as long as it's not their town.

As we had deviated from our schedule and were just getting a room at the end of the day wherever we decided to stop, you can begin to see our problem.

The extent of the problem did not become apparent to us until we tried to get a room at the Travelodge in Cork. After 20 minutes of digesting the words from the heavily accented receptionist as she turned us away, it finally dawned on us that she had said "bank holiday". In fact, the receptionist at the hotel in Waterford said much the same thing. We just didn't process this data until just now. The little smirks we had received from the hotel peoples as they told us they knew of no one who would have a room available now made sense. Crap.

I won't recount all the sordid details, but here are the highlights:

-We followed many an obscure sign to various b&bs

-we tried hotels big and small

-When we resigned ourselves to the fact that we were out of doors for at least the rest of the night (if not the rest of the wkend), we decided to kill some time seeing a movie. We caught the 11pm showing of The Da Vinci Code in some rinkydink theater in Clonakilty complete with sticky floors.

-We got to follow the drunk van from Clonakilty to Bandon. Not only do they book rooms in towns not their own, they caravan to another town, twice removed, in which to get drunk. Jerks.

-Cork at 3am on a bank holiday: mobs of people everywhere in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic way, happy drunk rowdiness, people wandering in front of your car while their slightly less inebriated friends try to pull them out of the way, 200 people standing on the steps of some government building singing Irish tunes as if in some sort of Coca-Cola commercial, hotels lock their doors and demand proof you're staying there before they let you in, 5 cops in the entire city to contain any trouble.


We surmised (hoped) this couldn't last more than the 1 night and that by Sunday afternoon, at least half of the crowds would have checked out and started for home.

Heron's Cove in Goleen wouldn't take us 4 days early, so we tried the Great Southern Hotel in Cork Airport because a) large hotel = more rooms, greater chance of one being free and b) away from the city center so less likely to have the bar/holiday crowd.

We got lucky, so back to Cork we went.

Incidentally, all this bank holiday business seems to only include the evening hours because EVERY FRIGGIN STORE WAS CLOSED ALL THRU MONDAY. Including lots of restaurants. Due to every Irish person in the country having taken off to get drunk for the wkend in someone else's town. But once 8 or 9pm came round, all the bars and clubs opened up and the people who had until then been cringing in the darkness of their hotel rooms, nursing massive hangovers, started pouring out into the streets to start the festivities of group song once again.

We spent Sunday asleep, recovering from our "adventure".

June 5th (Monday)

-Cork to Clonakilty
-Lisnagun Ring Fort
-Clonakilty to Drombeg
-Drombeg Stone Circle

Here's a discussion on "breakfast". When you go to a pancake house or a waffle house or a diner or anywhere they serve breakfast, there are certain items one has come to expect to see on the menu. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, waffles, muffins, hash browns, etc. These are our so-called "breakfast foods". But there are myriad ways to combine these foods, and within each category, there is usually some variety in how it's prepared, how it's topped, how it's stuffed, etc.

Not so in Ireland. Do you recall that scene in My Cousin Vinnie when Joe Pesci and Marissa Tomei open the menu at that restaurant for the first time and see the choices as being "Breakfast" and "Lunch"? That's Ireland. There's just "breakfast". When ordering, you may say "I'll have a breakfast" as if "breakfast" was a dish and not a meal of the day. And you'll see signs on restaurant windows offering "Full Irish Breakfast" with no description of what that might entail. Apparently everyone knows what it means and therefore no description is necessary. It would be as if Denny's felt it was enough to simply print "Moons Over My Hammy" on their menu without further explanation.

After extensive observation, I think i've determined what "breakfast" consists of:

sliced mushrooms, sauteed, no seasoning
baked beans
hash browns (the patty kind like you get frozen or at mcdonald's, not the home fries type or the shredded type)
1, sometimes 2 chunks of tomato, grilled, no seasoning
fried egg (over hard, i think)

and if you're really lucky, black and white pudding are part of the meal. Do you even know what black pudding is? It's when they cook blood with some sort of meat filler long enough so that the blood congeals.

Despite how enthusiastically Sid and Johnny consumed their baked beans, I have to say i don't recommend them. Although, to be fair, i've never liked baked beans. It's just that baked beans for breakfast is that much worse. And let's not even start on having them on toast.

The Ring Fort was difficult to find as the signs marked "Ring Fort" did not actually point in the direction of the Fort. Not even a little.

That was our first clue. The second was that when we asked people (some of whom worked in the area - at a pub, ofc), the first response was generally "There's a ring fort?".

See the picture of the Almighty Ring Fort that Lonely Planet felt it necessary to mention. It's about 2/3rds of the way down on the first page of pics. Also, keep in mind it's a 2-hr drive from Cork to Clonakilty during the day.

The Drombeg Stone Circle was slightly better. At least the view was nice.

We tried to get dinner in one of the towns on the way back to Cork, but another peculiarity of Ireland thwarted us. Most restaurants are only open 4-5 hours a day. Places serving lunch open at noon and close by 5. Places serving dinner open around 6 or 7 and close around 11. Forget about breakfast. Their day doesn't start until 10am. On the rare occasion there is such a place that is willing to be open all day and serve 2 if not 3 of the day's meals, they would declare it proudly and boldly with the use of signage - "Food Served All Day". Special.

So if you're in between times, you can just go to hell. Or get a veggie burger from a SuperMacs. But they haven't any pickles so stop asking. (Even their veggie burgers are made of potato.)

June 6th (Tuesday)

-Cork to Waterford
-Waterford to Dungarvan
-Dungarvan to Cork

Since we're retarded, we had to drive all the way back to Waterford, having pretty much skipped it the first time what with the bank holiday fiasco.

We went on a walking tour that was less exciting than we had hoped. Either the place we went to was closed for renovations or it had its own fee that was not covered by the E5/person we paid for the tour. Mostly, she took us around to point at the outside of buildings that had been built or lived in by one person or another. Also, she showed a great command for dates.

One site didn't actually exist anymore. They built a Dunne's shopping center over it. Before it happened, they were able to excavate hundreds of Viking artifacts (the Vikings loved Waterford). In remembrance of the historical site they built a store over, a stone wall they dug up from the excavation was on display on the lower floor of the shopping center. Shiny.

Waterford Museum - they give each person this thing that looks like a giant remote control to take with you as you walk thru the museum. Each exhibit has a number. You punch the number into the remote control and then hold it up to your ear as it talks to you about the exhibit. It was like the future or something.

Found a good record store called BPM. We bought some crap that never made it back to the States. And we bought some really good new stuff that we learned about because the kewl chicks at the store were playing it, and we would keep asking them "What are you playing now?". We should go back there. I bet they're playing some more kewl stuff.

What I've learned from eating Chinese food in Ireland is that that brown sauce i like so much is actually Szechuan sauce. Also, "chow mein (dry)" somehow means "lo mein".

June 7th (Wednesday)

-Cork to Goleen
-Goleen: Heron's Cove

We made record time. It only took us 3 1/2 hours to get there.

We determined it was prolly too early to check in (it was only around noon), so we found ourselves a nice beach to get sunburned on. Since we were going to Ireland, i didn't deem it necessary to pack sunblock. Instead, the weather was sunny and hot (24degC) the entire time we were there. I had to goo rod up with my moisturizer so that he wouldn't get skin cancer.

Great view of the cove from our room. Unfortunately, we shared our balcony with 2 other rooms. No walking around the room with our pants off tonight.

June 8th (Thursday)

-Browhead/Marconi's tower
-Mizen Head

Tea w/soymilk at breakfast today! Yay! Had 4 cups. Then peed for the next 3 hours.

Tai chi again for the first time since Inishmor. So much for 2 wks of tai chi.

Guglielmo Marconi's broken old tower was at the top of the Browhead. There was a great view of the ocean from there. Very windy, though.

Who the hell is Guglielmo Marconi, you might ask. Well, he's only the father of radio, is all. We've got a memorial plaza for him in our town. There's even a gazebo, that's how important he was.

Ireland's littered with people's broken houses. Instead of calling them condemned, they call them "historical". At least, if it was going to be something historical, they could have signs and some brochures. But no. It's just some abandoned building nobody takes care of and nobody except tourists and tour books cares about.

Mizen Head is Ireland's most south westerly point. Woo! It's also Ireland's most authentic attraction.

When you're on the lighthouse, it doesn't look anything like a lighthouse. Also, it smells funny. Great views of the ocean and the cliffs, though. Scary bridge crossing to get to the lighthouse. Nothing under the bridge except the roaring ocean and rocks.

Saw and took a picture of a sign that is an example of everything that's wrong with Ireland.

June 9th (Friday)

-Goleen to Killarney
-Killarney to Castelmaine
-Castlemain: The Phoenix B&B

Some sourpusses sat at the table next to ours at breakfast. I noticed them at dinner the previous night. I think they disapproved of us enjoying each other's company. Too much talking and laughing to suit them. The wife pretended she hadn't just been looking at me when I glanced over at her and started to smile. Rod and I saw them again as we were going to our room and they were leaving theirs. What we've noticed since we've been in Ireland is that most everyone says "hello" when they pass you. So Rod raised his hand to wave at them, and they both immediately looked at the ground. They're prolly British.

Throughout Ireland, the public toilets have been outstanding. As clean as a Rutgers library toilet during intersession - and with a much higher quality toilet paper, too. Even at the fast food places. Well, we made a brief stop in Kenmare to use the pee room. I had tea again that morning. I DID NOT APPROVE OF THE FACILITIES. This toilet was as bad as the public restrooms at a park. Ugh. I hate public toilets. Now my ass has cooties.

On a related topic, I think the Irish are cleaner than us, in general, in public. The sides of the roads are not littered with fast food wrappers and soda cans and other garbage. Even cigarette butts are almost completely absent from the sidewalks and streets. The public beaches have no lifeguards and no garbage cans are provided. Yet, the beaches are pristine.

Unfortunately, this practice of cleaning up after themselves does not extend to their pets. Watch where you step cause the sidewalks might have dog poop on them. In larger, touristy areas where they have horse-drawn buggies, watch out for the horse poop. It's right there in the middle of the street. And that's nothing compared to the Aran Islands.

Stopped in Killarney to secure our seats on a bus tour for the Ring of Kerry the next day.

Last b&b on the trip - it's veg and apparently run by hippies. Also, there's a bit of a commune atmostphere going on. To be honest, I was a bit skeeved. It definitely didn't feel as clean as Heron's Cove (we saw those ladies cleaning the entire place, upstairs and downstairs while we were there, and i believe it's a daily practice for them). This place felt like it got a good cleaning about as often as an indifferent houseowner cleaned their place. Plus it was filled - filled - with knick knacks which can get tremendously dusty and dirty if they're not constantly cleaned. I'm not saying that it was a dirty, filthy hole. It's just that it didn't give me the impression of extra clean that you want to feel when you're staying someplace unknown. Now, I'm an awful housekeeper. But when it's your own dirt, it's ok. It's a totally different story when it's someone else's dirt. Everything needed a good dip in some boiling bleach. Including me, at this point.

Add to that 4 cats, 3 dogs, 2 geese, and 1 rooster. Ok, mebbe it was a bit of a filthy hole. And did i mention the part where i'm allergic to cats? Poor nose.

Contrary to the expected, we were not excited to finally get to eat at an exclusively vegetarian b&b. The feeling of unclean combined with delights of Irish "cuisine" pretty much dampened any chance of excitement. The soup was good, though.

Someone tried to play some bass guitar this evening (we assumed it was one of the commune peoples), but it didn't quite work out.

June 10th (Saturday)

-Castlemaine to Killarney
-Bus tour around the Ring of Kerry

Roosters are evil creatures that should be eliminated from the earth.

Sunrise starts at about 4am. The rooster takes notice at around 4:30am. Within 10 minutes time, the rooster's little brain has forgotten it discovered the sun already and, taking its duty seriously, makes his announcement again. This goes on for hours. Houuuuuuuurs. It was my intent to destroy this spawn of hell and bury its body in the scorched earth, but Rod talked me out of it. 3 times.

Oh, yes, I would love some hummus on my bread for breakfast. Not any of that gross butter and jam. No sir. Give me curried mashed potatoes over that stuff anyday. Tomato pesto? Even more the better. Mmmm.....

Next time i get the bright idea to leave the house, we're going to a food country.

It's gloomy and intermittently drizzly for the first time since we've arrived. Guess we used up our 10 days of good luck Suzanne bestowed on us.

The bus tour was more of a senior citizen tour. Quite a few Irish on board, too.

I fell asleep alot. Stupid rooster. Plus it was a moving vehicle. If i'm not driving, I have 2 responses to being in a car. 1) Vomiting or 2) Sleeping. So, i guess they got lucky, huh? Anyway, i saw all the rolling hills i ever need to see when rod was doing the driving. This bus tour was his turn to see the sites.

-Peat moss village.

-King Puck, the goat that defeated Cromwell's army.

-Shepard and dog demo.

Made plans to spend one more night at the hippie commune before leaving 1 day early. This had 2 benefits. 1) We wouldn't have to spend a third night there with the bad shower, questionably clean surroundings, and demon roosters. 2) We'd be closer to the airport and wouldn't have to drive 2 1/2 hrs Monday morning to catch our 11:40am flight.

June 11th (Sunday)

-Castlemaine to Castleisland
-Castleisland to Limerick
-Limerick: Clarion Hotel

Packed and ready to go by 8:15am. Nobody was around. Again. Which is one weird aspect of a b&b. Since it's their home you're staying in and they're just regular people, they're not always available if you have a question or a problem or want to settle the bill and get the fuck out. And there's no bell to ring or number to call. You just have to wait and hope someone will come by soon.

The other is that you're really in this limbo between patron and houseguest. You get served your meals and you're pretty much ignored the rest of the time just like in a hotel. But you're in their house, using their towels, sleeping in one of their bedrooms. Really weird.

So, anyway, i think she heard us walking around and talking and came downstairs and offered us breakfast. We weren't falling for that trick again. We politely declined, and i explained how we wanted to get closer to the airport to avoid the long drive on our last morning. She seemed not too bothered by us skipping out one day early. The benefits of renting from a hippie.

I should mention that the whole time we were waiting (hoping) for someone to come downstairs so we could pay and leave, rod kept saying "Let's just go. Leave them a note. They can charge our credit card number later." This was basically his stance for most of the trip.

Castleisland is not an island. I'm not even sure if it's near water. But it has a cave. Ireland's most exciting showcave, even.

Note to future visitors - the Irish don't start their day until 10am. Some early birds might start at 9. Don't think you can get any service, including gas and breakfast, before 9am at the earliest. Good for them. Sucks for us.

The cave guide was this girl who reminded us of Lauren. She didn't look anything like her, but their mannerisms were similar. She's also really into caves.

On to Limerick and King John's Castle. (that's 1 cave and 1 castle checked off the "Tourist Must Do" list)

It's a crappy castle. It's 3 towers, a double tower entrance, and walls. No actual castle with rooms and living quarters and such. You know. The amenities of life. Any living would have been done in tents or structures built inside the courtyard.

The army knocked out 1 wall in the 1700s for barracks. Later, the courtyard was used for low income housing. Now an unfinished building made of glass and steel fills the space where the wall used to be. They started it in 1990. There's still scaffolding up.

It's a total eyesore. It houses the castle tour office (gift shop, bathrooms, admissions desk). Ireland's full of rocks. They couldn't design something made of stone that would blend in better with the castle facade? Why after 16 years it's still unfinished is also a mystery. Mebbe after they saw how ugly it was, the people stopped funding the construction. Or mebbe it is finished and they just like that scaffold look.

For a country whose economy relies alot on tourism, they suck at it. The castle doesn't seem to be well kept. The walls and ceiling are green with some sort of mold or deposits or something. It smells musty in most of the tower areas. Which, considering how much rain they get, i suppose, it's difficult to do too much about. And in some places, plants are growing inside the towers out of cracks in the walls.

Veggie fajitas...er...they stir fried the vegetables in coconut oil. And then served them with the requisite salsa and guacamole. They also brought "sour cream" but it didn't look like sour cream to me. It looked liked a slightly denser sort of whipped cream. The vegetable selection was also odd. Baby corn, snow peas, carrots, peppers, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, and bean sprouts. Crazy people.

Nice, sterile, impersonal hotel for our last night. Woo!

June 12th (Monday)

-Limerick to Shannon Airport
-Flight left ~11:40am Ireland time (6:40am EST)
-Arrived at JFK ~1:30pm EST (6:30pm Ireland time)

So far so good with the in flight meal. They came down the aisle to where we were sitting and started saying "Lee? Lee?". Since i had my headphones on, it was a little while before i realized what was going on and raised my hand. They wanted to put stickers on our seats so they would know who to give the veg meals to. It was some sort of rice and vegetable dish. Came with a roll and vegan margarine.

Unfortunately, rod and i didn't get seats next to each other. The plane we were on goes from JFK to Dublin to Shannon and back to JFK. So, the people they picked up in Dublin got to pick their seats first and by the time we checked in at Shannon, they didn't have any 2 seats together left. We managed to get seats across from each other, though. Rod sat on the aisle side of a window seat. I don't understand people who request window seats and then don't look out the window. I noticed on the flight to and from that there were people who would immediately close the window shade as soon as they got on. Hey! Jerk! Mebbe I wanted to look out the goddamn window! These people can go to hell.

I sat in the aisle seat in the middle section. I sprayed sparkling water on myself and the girl next to me when i opened the bottle. Forgot there was less pressure in the cabin plus the bottle had been rolling around in the backpack for some time.

Second meal was vegetarian pizza for everyone else. Cucumber and lettuce sandwiches on buttered bread sans crust for rod and me. It was sort of like afternoon tea except without the tea and certainly without the scones. Also, i don't think i would have invited any of these people for tea.

In flight movies were Failure to Launch and Firewall. Failure to Launch was not so awful that we couldn't watch it. Firewall, on the other hand, was so bad that despite being trapped on the plane, we still refused to watch it. Then they played some TV for a bit. That was also bad. Have you seen this Everybody Hates Chris show that Chris Rock narrates? Ugh. In the 10 min that i watched, they had already set it up so that every single "bad" scenario you've ever seen occur in a sitcom was going to happen all in this one episode.

Home Home Home Home Home. Woooooooo!!!!! I'M HOME NOW AND YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL!!!

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