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Michael Crichton: Crybaby

Got this from fnord12 who got it from TPMmuckracker:

Global Warming Denier Michael Crichton Fictionalizes Critic as Child Rapist

So, Michael Crowley wrote an article in The New Republic criticizing Michael Crichton about his denial of global warming. In retaliation, Crichton writes a book with a character named Mick Crowley who not only is a child rapist, but has a small dick, too. The character is described as a graduate of Yale and a Washington-based political journalist - two things that describe Michael Crowley.

That's real mature, Crichton. Nice touch using the "small penis" technique there.

By min | December 15, 2006, 3:25 PM | Boooooks | Comments (3)| Link

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