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What French Kids are Reading

I highly recommend going through all 14 photos and reading all of the captions. It's truly worth it. At least get to the one with the angry koala with his hand on the penitent little girl's head.

I don't know why so many French children's books are so bafflingly, needlessly frightening. Before moving there, we lived in the Netherlands; they had the same rabbits with ethnically varied chums and dinosaur mummies tucking up dinosaur babies as we do in the UK. I also can't envisage the publishing meeting in which someone says 'Hey! I've got this great kids' book where a girl puts her head in a plastic bag!' ('La Tête dans le Sac') and everyone thinks what a fine idea, but - tant pis. Here are a few examples (more on my blog), all courtesy of the Médiathèque d'Antibes, which is shut on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday mornings, and 12-2pm Wednesday and Saturday, but when open has the most helpful (and rested) librarians to be found anywhere.

Did that woman just turn Angela into a wooden puppet for stealing one of her cherries? Yes. Yes she did. -- Jenny Colgan on storify.com

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If You're Stumped About What to Get Me For My Birthday

And happened to have $1300 you've been hoping to get rid of...

There's always the three-volume letter-pressed edition of Pride and Prejudice.

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Fictional Characters Can Affect Your Behavior

I'm really posting this because i think it's funny that they used the BBC Pride & Prejudice for the picture. Before i clicked on it, i thought it was going to be an article about how 17 years later, some people still think of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy.

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