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It is Beastly

Emphasis mine

I think when people are young they ought to do an honest job of work. There are lots of beastly things that have to be done, like working in towns in offices. I don't think anybody ought to shirk that side of life."

-- Gervase Robertson, Pastoral

Also, she feels that 7-8 years is a sufficient amount of time to not shirk this beastly duty, so everybody can go retire now. WOOO!!!

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Classic Sci-Fi Genderswapped

An interesting experiment.

"Will you draw the curtain, Commdora. Young man, there's a little knob just near the snap. Will you move it upward, please? Go ahead, it won't hurt you."

The boy did so, drew a sharp breath, looked at his hands, and gasped, "Oh!"

From his waist as a source he was drowned in a pale, streaming luminescence of shifting color that drew itself over his head in a flashing coronet of liquid fire. It was as if someone had torn the aurora borealis out of the sky and molded it into a cloak.

The boy stepped to the mirror and stared, fascinated.

"Here, take this." Marion handed him a necklace of dull pebbles. "Put it around your neck."

The boy did so, and each pebble, as it entered the luminescent field became an individual flame that leaped and sparkled in crimson and gold.

"What do you think of it?" Marion asked him. The boy didn't answer but there was adoration in his eyes.

Oh the times i rolled my eyes reading Asimov's characterization of women in his novels. To be fair, the only characters i thought he wrote well were Giskard and Daneel.

Hines discusses his goals for this exercise in Part II.

Authors sure spend a lot of time describing a female character's appearance, down to clothing and hairstyle. Weird. I couldn't objectively say if this happens disproportionately to female characters or not since my method of reading involves skimming the descriptive paragraphs until i get to the next bit of dialogue. I almost never know what a character looks like.

The important take-away isn't that we should despise older works, but that newer ones should look at themselves through this lens and not make the same mistakes.

By min | August 4, 2016, 9:15 AM | Boooooks | Link

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