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I Always Thought It Was Meat

I saw the Wonder Works adaptation before i read the books so any reference to Turkish Delight being sweet was lost on me. In the adaptation, the Turkish Delight looked like cold, gray cubes. I always assumed because of magic, what we saw is what the White Witch was really feeding him while Edmund saw whatever Turkish Delight was supposed to look like. So, my brain filled in what it thought this delicious treat could be and it came up with "meat". Cause that's what i would ask for after walking in the cold woods for hours. I'd be hungry by then and who the hell wants candy and crap when they're hungry? Nope. Real food. Plus gravy.

Apparently, i was not the only one who had never heard of Turkish Delight and just made up my own thing. Link

Most Americans, though, didn't know about that when we first read the book. All we knew was that Turkish Delight was an exotic-sounding treat that would be your first request if a mysterious and elegant woman asked you, "What would you like best to eat?" And we knew that Edmund loved that Turkish Delight so much that he put his siblings and the entire land of Narnia in harm's way in exchange for more. (To be fair, it was enchanted. But still, Edmund. Still.) So we wound up imagining whatever we would have liked best. It was like looking into Harry Potter's Mirror of Erised, but for desserts: When you think of a treat worth betraying your family for, what do you see? Turkish Delight is our collective candy id.

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