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Obsessively putting our comics in chronological order since 1985.
    Marvel Comics Timeline

Welcome to the humble beginnings of my ambitious project, which attempts to present a timeline or chronology of all Marvel comics. See The Rules and the Q&A sections for more details. I am currently adding comics from 1988 to the Project.

News: (7/14/14) - I'm going to be going dark beginning this Thursday (the 17th) and you won't see any activity from me until at least the following Thursday. During that week i'll still try to delete the occasional spam comment and other minor administrative stuff, but no new content and i won't be answering any comments. In the meantime, starting with my entries today, they are going to be a bit more random. I'm trying to finish reviews on stuff i've read regardless of where i intend to place them, just so it's still relatively fresh in my head.

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