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1984-05-01 00:02:10
Hulk #295-296
1984/Box 20/EiC: Jim Shooter
Marvel Team-Up #141

Amazing Spider-Man #252

Issue(s): Amazing Spider-Man #252
Published Date: May 84
Title: "Homecoming!"
Roger Stern - Plot
Tom DeFalco - Script
Ron Frenz - Penciler
Brett Breeding - Inker

Roger Stern still has plot credits in this series. Beginning next issue, the writing is all Defalco.

Spider-Man returns from Secret Wars. After dropping off Doc Connors, he heads back to his apartment, where he's been away for about a week.

The big news, of course, is his new costume.

He received it in Secret Wars, and we've already read that, but in terms of publication order, this issue came out first. So this was the first time readers were seeing the new suit. We also see that it has the ability to transform into ordinary clothing, something we didn't see in Secret Wars.

Also, it responds to his mental commands even when he isn't wearing it.

That excitement aside, this is basically a downtime issue. Peter checks in with Aunt May, and the Black Cat tries to find Spidey but he's out getting a pizza at the time. Later, Spidey encounters two kids fighting, and he takes them on a web-swinging tour, hoping that the beauty of New York City will help them put their own problems in perspective.

The new suit offers the opportunity to make Spider-Man anonymous again, like he was in the earliest issues. It's also a bit creepier.

Fun issue. The kids dress a little funny, but that was the 80s at Marvel for you.

Quality Rating: B-

Historical Significance Rating: 6 - Spider-Man's new Venom Symbiote costume

Chronological Placement Considerations: Spider-Man returns from Secret Wars this issue, but he's also shown returning in Marvel Team-Up #141, so the events of these books are interwined.


Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: Marvel Tales #266

Characters Appearing: Aunt May, Billy Connors, Black Cat, Captain America, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Hawkeye, J. Jonah Jameson, Joe 'Robbie' Robertson, Lizard, Martha Connors, Nate Lubenski, Spider-Man, Thor, Venom Symbiote, War Machine, Wasp

Hulk #295-296
1984/Box 20/EiC: Jim Shooter
Marvel Team-Up #141


I like how you've got the panel here where he remembers Galactus almost stepping on him after showing that happening in a panel in your report on Secret Wars. Nice continuity!

According to Amazing Heroes #39, there was a previous rumor of a costume change for Spider-Man a few years before this; specifically changing the blue in his costume to black(as in his Amazing Fantasy debut).

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