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1985-10-01 00:08:50
Alpha Flight #29
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
Uncanny X-Men #198

Dazzler #40

Issue(s): Dazzler #40
Published Date: Nov 85
Title: "Travelers"
Archie Goodwin - Writer
Paul Chadwick - Penciler
Butch Guice - Inker
Michael Higgins - Assistant Editor
Mike Carlin - Editor

Secret Wars II #4 ended with the Beyonder telling Dazzler that she'd forget his lame attempts at wooing her, but in this issue the Beyonder has taken her to a mall, at a spot with the perfect acoustics, to try to get her to sing. She declines, but he returns her to the spot where he took her, and they part ways amicably.

However, when the Beyonder took her, she was in the custody of bounty hunter O.Z. Chase, and the Beyonder caused Chase's truck to stop when he abducted her. So Chase has walked to a nearby town to arrange for a tow truck. And while he's in town, three bikers straight out of Mad Max arrive.

We learn that they are mutants, or at least have powers (as Dazzler will say, Thor's way with his hammer doesn't make him a mutant), and they attack Chase for having kidnapped Dazzler.

Dazzler had actually willingly agreed to go with Chase in order to clear up her name, but the mutant bikers don't know that and it's not clear they'd care if they did.

Dazzler shows up during the fight and we see that the bikers' powers continue to increase as they fight her.

At one point she is knocked out and it turns out that the Beyonder was hiding inside her body, so that he could experience the joy of super-hero fighting himself.

As he helps Dazzler (he even gets into his own super-suit)...

...the bikers become more and more powerful, and eventually turn into a Judas Priest album cover.

It finally comes out that the Beyonder was unconsciously increasing their powers so he could continue to enjoy the fight. But he does say that their initial leap in power was a reaction to Dazzler's light. He also restores all the damage done in town, placating the angry locals, who earlier were ready to role-play out Red Dawn.

At the beginning of this issue, we see the villain Dust, who has recently taken over a new body. He's talking to someone else named Silence.

After a long low period for Dazzler, this new direction and especially Archie Goodwin's writing is a very nice change. Goodwin's writing of the curmudgeonly O.Z. Chase and his dog Cerberus is a delight.

And even though the Beyonder figures heavily into this story, it's a decent plot, with some intriguing build-up about these biker mutants and Dust and Silence.

Quality Rating: C+

Historical Significance Rating: 1

Chronological Placement Considerations: The Beyonder and Dazzler appear here after Secret Wars II #4.


  • Dazzler has taken on a more super-hero oriented role to try to undo the damage she (thinks she) did to mutants in Dazzler: The Movie.
  • To prepare for that role, she trained with the X-Men in Dazzler #38.

Cross-over: Secret Wars II

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: N/A

Inbound References (2): show

Characters Appearing: Beyonder, Cerberus (Dog), Dazzler, Dust (Dazzler villain), O.Z. Chase, Silence

Alpha Flight #29
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
Uncanny X-Men #198

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