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1985-09-01 01:07:40
Power Man & Iron Fist #118-120
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
West Coast Avengers #5

Defenders #149-150

Issue(s): Defenders #149, Defenders #150
Published Date: Nov-Dec 85
Peter Gillis - Writer
Don Perlin - Penciler
Art Nichols & Dell Barras / Randy Emberlin & Alan Kupperberg - Inker
Carl Potts - Editor

Dell Barras gets an "inking assist" credit.

At the demand of Candy Southern, Andromeda explains where she's from and why she wants to join the Defenders. She was a "group commander" in the Atlantean armed forces, but she was limited by the Atlantean army's glass (or worse) ceiling. Having heard of Namor's time with the Defenders, where "males and females fought side-by-side as equals", she quit the army and left in search of the team. She says she left the man she'd been staying with "a pearl the size of a hen's egg" for his trouble.

Andromeda also has these absolutely wild boot cuffs.

Despite tongue-in-cheek feelings of inadequacy, the Defenders welcome her to the team.

The Beast has time for a lunch date with Vera for the first time in a while before following up on Cloud's origin. He gives her a "genuine Beast Signal Watch"...

...and tells her that even though he's not been around much, he still has "constancy of the heart" for her. I wonder how he squares that with his recent fling with Dazzler.

Angel goes along on the mission even though he hasn't yet made it to the doctor that they specifically traveled to New York to see. Investigating Cloud's origin isn't the usual type of super-hero emergency, and Angel is only barely useful when he's not blind, so i don't know why he's playing martyr here, or why the others are tolerating it.

Anyway,Seraph has something to show Cloud, and the rest of the Defenders come along. On the flight, Cloud has a freak out when they pass a certain spot. Then they land and enter a hospital where the team finds a boy and a girl in intensive care. The two teenagers have the bodies that Cloud switches between.

It turns out that Cloud is in fact an actual cloud (a space cloud, in fact), and she came to Earth looking for help. She tried to contact these two teenagers, and caused them to drive off a cliff. She mimicked their bodies and wandered off, and was soon found and brainwashed by the Secret Empire. She can't remember anymore what the original danger was that caused her to come to earth.

The Defenders take her back to the spot where she freaked out earlier, and this causes her to transport the Defenders into space. It turns out that Cloud is actually a nebula.

And the problem she came to Earth about is that the stars are disappearing.

Before Cloud can explain further, the Defenders are picked up by a group of aliens that are absolutely adorable (at least after Seraph makes them friendly).

Note the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy reference above. There's a second one when the aliens provide the translator device that lets them communicate.

The aliens are refugees from one of the worlds that has lost their star.

After that's settled, we get to hear the last bit of Cloud's story. She was helped to Earth by the Cosmic Cube that grew up with the help of Captain America, Aquarian, and the Shaper of Worlds.

And the Cube is what sent Cloud to Earth to get help from Captain America again.

The culprit in this story is a new Star Thief.

Accompanied by the Cosmic Cube using Captain America as avatar...

...the Defenders eventually discover that the Star Thief is a sick young girl

Eventually the Defenders are able to get through to her and stop the destruction of the stars, and the Cosmic Cube begins to put things right again. The team is sent home, leaving Cloud behind to eventually form a star herself.

I think this is a cool conclusion to the mystery of Cloud, who was an interesting minor character. This story made good use of some past bits of Marvel history (granted including bits that Gillis himself had written), and it was a fun space adventure with a lot of humor as well. The coolest bit was the way the alien's translator device rendered their speech.

While Cloud is telling her origin, she mentions that when she first arrived on Earth she called for help, but the only one who answered was the Overmind. Overmind was last seen in Defenders #122 but then disappeared and wasn't referenced again. So this explains what happened to him. Cloud says that he left Earth to investigate Cloud's problem, but is likely dead or dissipated. When Cloud describes her trip to Earth, she says she traveled "back through space and time". Cloud first appeared in Defenders #123, so i guess that's your timeline. She was only on Earth a short period of time before the Secret Empire got a hold of her.

A back-up story has the Defenders' dog Sassafras running through a gauntlet of the Defenders' security system (who's Mordok?)...

...and encountering Manslaughter in a set-up for next issue.

Meanwhile, the Interloper continues to get one of the best build-ups in comic book history...

...but he'd better hurry it up. This book is going to be cancelled in two issues.

It seems my love of Don Perlin's art was all about Kim DeMulder's inks, but there's still the occasional panel that almost has the depth of those issues.

Perlin is still a good, clear storytelling and a decent artist, but that Perlin/DeMulder combo was just awesome.

Quality Rating: B+

Historical Significance Rating: 3 - Cloud quits the Defenders

Chronological Placement Considerations: This takes place soon after Defenders #147; basically, enough time has passed for the Defenders to return to Dr. Strange's house so that they can continue their conversation with Seraph about Cloud. That means that Dr. Strange is still in the Dark Dimension during at least the beginning of this arc. Also note that Defenders #148 was a fill-in that took place earlier than its publication date.


Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: N/A

Inbound References (3): show

Characters Appearing: Andromeda, Angel, Beast, Candy Southern, Cloud, Gargoyle (Defender), Iceman, Interloper, Kubik, Manslaughter, Seraph, Star Thief II, Valkyrie, Vera Cantor

Power Man & Iron Fist #118-120
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
West Coast Avengers #5


The Overmind eventually shows up again in an issue of Marvel Comics Presents, alive and well, so it turns out Cloud was wrong about him being dead.

I thought it was a neat touch that during Beast's date with Vera he's wearing a M.O.N.S.T.E.R. logo pin on his jacket

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