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1977-12-01 00:01:10
Tomb of Dracula #61
1977/Box 12/EiC: Archie Goodwin
Master of Kung Fu #59-60

Hulk #218

Issue(s): Hulk #218
Published Date: Dec 77
Title: "The Rhino doesn't stop here anymore"
Len Wein & Keith Pollard - Plot
Len Wein & Roger Stern - Script
Keith Pollard & George Tuska - Penciler
Ernie Chan - Inker

The Unoffical Handbook Of Marvel Creators says "The Marvel Comics Index (publ. by G&T Enterprises) #7A adds K.Pollard for co-plot".

Roger Stern is just scripting so far, but this begins his run on the Hulk.

For an interesting change of pace, we get a Doc Samson solo story, since the Hulk is presumed dead after a fall from the SHIELD helicarrier (although in fact he is terrorizing fisherman with archaic speaking patterns).

The Rhino sabotages a train in order to retrieve a package. Samson hunts him down and defeats him as much by getting under his skin psychologically as with his super-strength.

Rhino is working for someone, but we don't find out who it is this issue.

Too Big, Too Fast Alert:: Doc Samson says "I hate to coin a cliche -- but I never expected anyone that big to move that fast!".

Quality Rating: C+

Historical Significance Rating: 2 - begins Roger Stern's run on Hulk

Chronological Placement Considerations: The Hulk is still presumed to be dead, as of Hulk #216.


  • Doc Samson admits that if it wasn't for his ego, Banner could have been rid of the Hulk in Hulk #141.
  • He also admits that he helped break-up Glenn Talbot and Betty Ross's marriage, which happened in Hulk #209.
  • The Rhino was last seen in Defenders #43, defeated by the Red Rajah, but he says he was broken out of jail by "the boss".

Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: N/A

Inbound References (2): show

Characters Appearing: Doc Samson, Hulk, Rhino

Tomb of Dracula #61
1977/Box 12/EiC: Archie Goodwin
Master of Kung Fu #59-60


The title refers to a 1970s film "The (something I can't remember) Doesn't Stop Here Anymore".

Do we ever find out weho the Rhino is working for? Or what the package is?

I don't think so, William. It might have been intended to the be Leader, who shows up soon. Or something might have gotten lost in the transition between Len Wein and Roger Stern's run.

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