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1980-08-01 00:10:10
Iron Man #137
1980/Box 15/EiC: Jim Shooter
Marvel Premiere #55

Hulk #250

Issue(s): Hulk #250
Published Date: Aug 80
Title: "The monster! / The exile / The quest! / The power"
Bill Mantlo - Writer
Sal Buscema - Penciler
Sal Buscema - Inker

After hanging out with penguins at the North Pole (with an acknowledgment in a footer box that penguins don't actually live at the North Pole)...

...and breaking up some baby seal clubbing...

...the Silver Surfer decides that absorbing gamma radiation might help him break through the barrier that keeps him trapped on Earth.

There's a page where the Silver Surfer scours the Earth looking for the Hulk.

We get cameos of a number of heroes from around the world, including first appearances of some heroes that we'll meet in detail in Hulk's upcoming 'World Tour'. There's some problems with it, though:

  1. We see the Arabian Knight become the Arabian Knight in issue #257. Therefore he can't be appearing here. Must be a mirage.
  2. Similarly, the MCP lists an appearance for Ursa Major. There is an additional nondescript figure appearing in addition to the current Soviet Super Soldiers, but Ursa Major doesn't get added to the team until #258, so that must be someone else.
  3. The Hulk never actually makes it to China or Great Britain for his World Tour (cancellations due to low ticket sales?), so we don't see the Collective Man or Captain Britain on this particular tour. Actually, it'll be a long while before we see the Collective Man outside of group scenes in books like Contest of Champions and the Hulk's presidential pardoning.

Banner Banner is currently playing house with a widow on a farm.

The Surfer arrives and purges the gamma radiation from Bruce's cells. He then uses Bruce's scientific know-how to create a machine that will give the Surfer the power he needs.

But suspicious townspeople show up and ruin everything. They trigger an explosion that causes Bruce to turn back into the Hulk.

So the Surfer heads back to Earth, grabs Banner, and absorbs the radiation from him directly.

And with that, he's able to escape the barrier. Unfortunately, poor Bruce Banner winds up hanging on his surfboard, and the Surfer has to return through the barrier to save him.

Not a very good story. Kind of cheap. Nothing is actually resolved or changed in the Silver Surfer's story. We now know that the Surfer could cure Banner of being the Hulk at any time and that the Surfer could break through Galactus' barrier if he could just keep the Hulk off his board. And Banner's decision to live on at some widow's farmhouse doesn't make him seem very responsible. At least Sal Buscema got to draw some nice Hulk/Surfer fight scenes, though.

Quality Rating: C-

Historical Significance Rating: 3 - First Sabra & Collective Man (cameos)

Chronological Placement Considerations: The Hulk starts and ends this issue in the wilderness of the mid-west. Regarding Captain Britain's sort-of appearance, see the Considerations for the Black Knight story in Incredible Hulk Weekly. Basically i'm postulating that Captain Britain is here with amnesia after the plane crash shown in flashback in that series (after Marvel Team-Up #65-66).


  • The Hulk and the Silver Surfer fought previously in Tales To Astonish #93.
  • The Hulk's origin from Hulk #1 is given a quick unreferenced flashback, as is the scene where Galactus creates the barrier that keeps the Silver Surfer on Earth, from Fantastic Four #50.

Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: N/A

Inbound References (2): show

Characters Appearing: Captain Britain, Collective Man, Crimson Dynamo V, Darkstar, Hulk, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Red Guardian II, Sabra, Silver Surfer, Sub-Mariner, Thing, Vanguard

Iron Man #137
1980/Box 15/EiC: Jim Shooter
Marvel Premiere #55


Maybe Ursa Major was in human form?

The problem is that Ursa Major is added to the team in issue #258. He hadn't met the rest of the team, in bear or human form, prior to that so he couldn't have been standing around with them here. The scene is really just meant to be a conceptual "look what we've got coming up" type of thing, so for continuity purposes we just have to make up some excuses.

Loved this issue.

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