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1985-04-01 00:06:10
Iron Man #193-194
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
Firestar #2

Power Pack #9-10

Issue(s): Power Pack #9, Power Pack #10
Published Date: Apr-May 85
Title: "Fish tale!" / "Sea hunt!"
Louise Simonson - Writer
Brent Anderson - Penciler
Bob Wiacek - Inker
Pat Blevins - Assistant Editor
Carl Potts - Editor

June Brigman is taking a break, but few people would complain about Brent Anderson as a replacement. I prefer Brigman on Power Pack, but it's nice to get some Anderson art since he wasn't doing a regular book. Probably both he and Brigman were too slow for a monthly series, and they'll be alternating on this series for a while.

This issue has Power Pack teaming up with Marrina from Alpha Flight to fight the Simonson creation Snake-Eyes.

They eventually trap the "Xanithan boulder-crusher" in a sunken ship, which Gee de-gravitizes and they tow to the arctic, where the extreme cold will force it into hybernation.

As usual, Simonson delivers a character driven series, with Alex fascinated by the science behind Snake-Eyes and reasoning out the change in Snake-Eyes' color since his previous appearance by explaining the concept of litmus paper to his siblings.

Julie has her nose in a fantasy book while the Pack children are taken to the aquarium that Snake-Eyes is being held in by their "Gramps".

And Jack... exposes himself.

This picture might get me the wrong kind of traffic, but jeez, he sure seems to get a kick out of it.

A debate begins in these issues about whether Friday is a boy or a girl, with Alex and Jack on the "boy" side of the debate and the sisters believing otherwise.

Ships are generally referred to with the female pronoun so that's what i would use, but unless there's something about Smartships we don't know, she's probably actually gender-neutral.

Marrina is down on herself after the Master's recent triggering of her inherent Plodex nature, and she calls herself a monster. The Power kids are a bit exasperated by the fact that both she and Cloak & Dagger think of themselves as monsters, and start to wonder if they themselves are also somehow monsters as well.

The team has a little scare when they're forced to use their powers at the aquarium, but the newspapers write off any eyewitness reports about strange children as hallucinations due to Snake-Eyes' hypnotic powers.

A good arc.

Quality Rating: B+

Historical Significance Rating: 1

Chronological Placement Considerations: Takes place after the Wraith War, due to the footnote mentioned below.


  • Alex says that the newspapers are reporting the appearance of all sorts of weird fish in the Hudson River, which a footnote says are the "victims of sorcery, in the Wraith War! But you know that 'cause you read ROM, right?". The Wraith War ended in ROM #65-66.
  • Marrina is familiar with Snake-Eyes from Marvel Team-Up annual #7.
  • There's no footnote, but Marrina's despondent attitude is due to the events of Alpha Flight #15-16.

Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: N/A

Inbound References (4): show

Characters Appearing: Energizer, Friday, Gee, Lightspeed, Margaret Power, Marrina, Mass Master, Snake-Eyes

Iron Man #193-194
1985/Box 22/EiC: Jim Shooter
Firestar #2


The title to #10 refers to the early 1960s TV series.

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