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1964-09-01 00:01:10
Journey Into Mystery #107-108
1964/Box 2/Silver Age
Tales To Astonish #59

Tales Of Suspense #57

Issue(s): Tales Of Suspense #57
Published Date: Sep 64
Title: "Hawkeye, The Marksman!"
Stan Lee - Writer
Don Heck - Penciler
Don Heck - Inker

Review/plot: An archer named Hawkeye is ignored at a carnival...

...but Iron Man gets accolades for stopping an out of control amusement ride, so Hawkeye decides to become a costumed adventurer.

He designs some trick arrows (look at those powerful gloved hands)...

...and goes out looking for crimes in progress, but due to a misunderstanding he gets blamed for a jewelry robbery. He is rescued by the Black Widow, who convinces him to attack Iron Man.

He comes close to beating IM...

...but in the fight the Black Widow gets injured and he runs off with her.

I've never been a big fan of Hawkeye. Trick arrows are a stupid power. There's no way he should be in Iron Man's league.

I don't understand his longevity or how he came to be an Avenger.

Also in this issue,Tony Stark 'accidentally' goes on a date with Pepper Potts (he was trying to ask her out on a date for Happy, but she misunderstood). The date doesn't go well, so she agrees to go out with Happy to make Tony jealous. Ah, love triangles.

Quality Rating: D

Historical Significance Rating: 8 - first Hawkeye

Chronological Placement Considerations: N/A

References: N/A

Cross-over: N/A

Continuity Implant? N

Reprinted In: Thunderbolts #39

Inbound References (9): show

Characters Appearing: Black Widow, Happy Hogan, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Pepper Potts

Journey Into Mystery #107-108
1964/Box 2/Silver Age
Tales To Astonish #59


The name Hawkeye and the bucksin ensemble seems a reference to Natty Bumppo, aka Hawkeye, from the Last of the Mohicans.

Hawkeye didn't become cool until avengers movie came out

Relooking at the early Black Widow pre-costumed period, I'm starting to see her a bit as an early model of the "corporate sabotage femme fatal" that would probably be better seen with the likes of Madam Masque and the ones who really show up once you get to the late 70s and 80s. You could perhaps wonder what would have happened if she did go down this path thus negating the need for someone like Whitney Frost.

Hawkeyer and Hank Pym must be the two characters we disagree about the most. I have always liked him - he's often so hopelessly outpowered and that doesn't stop him. He would develop into a great character in the 80's and was the reason I collected both West Coast Avengers and Solo Avengers.

A lot of DC characters have no superpowers but that has always seemed to be more rare among Marvel heroes and Hawkeye has always been one of the best of them. Being an Avenger seemed to define him - after all, look at how long he was an Avenger. No wonder he would be so pissed when Gyrich would bounce him.

I also like how his costume has changed so many times over the years, but it's almost always come back to some variation on this original Don Heck design.

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