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Recap 10 (July 6th, 2002)

We left off with our heroes being trapped in a mirror dimension.
The party decided they needed to investigate Skarda's tower to find a way out. At the same time, they needed to incite the slaves to revolt against their captors.

Snow And Venetto spearhead the slave revolt
By fighting guards unarmed in public places, the two showed the slaves that it was possible to defeat the guards. They also engaged in a little trickery: with the help of Ashgarth, the slave rebel leader, they destroyed a mine in the mirror world, which helped convince some of the slaves that the dimension was falling apart, leading to panic and riots.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party attempted to approach Skarda's Tower.
They tricked some extraodinarily dumb guards into following them to a remote corner where they were easily defeated. Some party members then wore the guard's armor, and pretended the rest were prisoners. They approached Skarda's Tower, and crossed the drawbridge which spanned a moat of the magical mud the party had encountered before. As they began the charge up the tower, the mud burbled after them.

A fight with Juniper, the elven fighter/mage
On a landing, the party was faced by one of Skarda's lieutenants and several guards. They fought in the narrow stairway while the mud oozed up behind them.

While the rest of the party fought Juniper, Malouf tried to fight back the rising ooze. Halia observed and lent some magical advice.

Meanwhile, Sylthe, Skarda's assassin, took advantage of the confusion and attacked Arkospixi from behind.

Or maybe it was Lashtal he attacked. Sylthe is a sneaky fellow, and sometimes it's hard to tell what he's doing.
(Of course if people would keep notes on their hitpoint sheets, these recaps could be that much more accurate...)

Anyway, he got Malouf mad, so the barbarian and Sylthe fought, and after an intense battle during which Malouf was stabbed with a Sword of Frost, Malouf killed the assassin.

Meanwhile, Chyekk ran through a small mirrored corridor, risking attack from the dreaded strength-draining Mirror Fiends, and confronted Skarda.

The battle with Skarda ended with the wizard pinned by Leento in bear form
While Chyekk unsuccessfully attempted to interrogate the wizard, Malouf ran amok, destroying all of Skarda's magical equipment. Luckily, Halia was able to discover Skarda's Tome on the mirror world, and was able to discern enough from it to close the portal.

Chyekk continued to abuse the wizard, cutting off limbs when he didn't like the answers given.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light.

Skarda had converted himself into a green slime, and he began seeping through the stone tiles.
Before the slime completely escaped, Chyekk grabbed an empty flask from the labratory and filled it with some of the ooze.

After helping the revolting slaves defeat the remnants of Skarda's guards, and a search of Skarda's tower, Halia returned the party to Roesh, where, because Skarda's guards were occupied with a slave rebellion and because the party had shut down the portal in time, the Knights of Phantar had managed to halt the invasion. However, it seemed that the remainder of Skarda's lieutenants had managed to escape. The party were thanked for their help, and told to return to Roesh in a few months, when Lord Phantar was expected to return, for a proper acknowledgement of their help. Meanwhile, the party still wanted to get to Yerraterra, and the Knights had much work to do for the former slaves. Leaving the city, Leento was reunited with Ursa.

Goblin horde!
One night during the ride to Malta Forest, the party heard cries of pain as they were setting up camp for the night. Investigating, they found a group of merchants being tortured by a horde of goblins.


In addition to goblins, there were fierce dire wolves.
Also Arkospixi spotted some goblins mounting large winged creatures in the distance.

While constantly in danger of being overwhelmed by the massive force of goblins, the party fought through. Chyekk's dwarven hatred of goblins flared as he swung and swung his axe, and he was soon surrounded by a pile of goblin corpses.

Battle of the Birds
Meanwhile, Malouf and Venetto were being assaulted by goblin riders on top of giant black ravens. Seeing that, bizarrely, his two party members were taking no measures to defend themselves, Leento took action, summoning a flock of giant eagles to attack the crows.

Alas, it was too late for Venetto, who was slain by the repeated assaults from the giant crows.
Fortunately, the party was able to bring Venetto to a Temple of Tyr (after discovering that the Temple of Trinot had been mysteriously abandoned) and have him resurrected. In doing so, the party traded in what they believed to be a Robe of Cold Resistance, though the Priest of Tyr seemed to consider it an object of extreme value, leaving the party wondering what it really was that they had given away...

Nonetheless, as soon as Venetto recovered from his quasi-death experience, the party would be ready to travel to Malta Forest and face Yerraterra. No more sidequests... no more interruptions.... Next D&D... everybody runs.

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