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Recap 11(No idea, June maybe?, 2002)

Lashtal's Journal

On the way to Yerraterra's Temple, ran into Raistlin. We negotiated, had some heated arguments, but in the end agreed to let him come with us. No one trusts him, and no one is sure why he's come back. He looks different. Awful. Skin and bones, yellow eyes. He's traveling with an animated corpse, which doesn't help anyone sleep at night.

Dungeon sketch #1

1. Saw somes trolls entereing as we arrived at the temple. Snuck in behind them but they managed to ambush us anyway.

2. Raistlin led us to the back room. He arranged the barrels on the carpet and uttered an incantation. The carpet sunk into the ground, lowering us into a cavern below.

3. Cavern was occupied by some nasties. At first we thought they were some sort of undead, but it turned out they were elves, starved nearly to death and shaved of all hair. They cowered in the corner and moaned.

Dungeon sketch #2

4. Hopped down the hatch and into a mined-out cavern. Arkospixi went ahead to do some scouting, but she attempted to engage a troll sentry by herself. It killed her before we made it to the fight. Raistlin offered to re-animate her corpse. We declined.

5. With Malouf carrying Arkospixi's corpse, we travled further down the passageway and encountered more trolls near an underground stream. We fought and won. The passage seemed to be a dead-end, so we back-tracked and went down a side passage. Found a door with an elvish warning rune engraved on it. We didn't want to mess with that, especially without Arkospixi's skills, so we skipped it.

6. Some horrible smells wafting around down here. Especially strong at the crossroads. To the west we found the trolls' waste dump. Something was moving around in it but we didn't investigate. To the east we found a large pile of rotting limbs, possibly elvish. Disgusting everyone, Raistlin animated the limbs, which formed into an army of zombies.

7. Another troll ambush. Our party got split in half as we were assaulted on two fronts. Eventually we won, but it wasn't an easy fight and we were now more cautious. Raistlin then entreated us to trust him with Arkospixi's corpse, and he then performed a ceremony that revived her from the dead. (Side-note: when we've had party members revived at temples in the past, it has always taken several weeks for them to recover. Arkospixi awoke and was ready to begin travelling immediately.) Checking further ahead we spotted another ambush and sprung it.

8. In addition to more trolls and wild boars, we also found ourselves fighting a giant female troll. Mama was casting spells and howling. Raistlin countered Mama with some dark magic of his own. Venetto's crossbow bolts punished the trolls. It was his expertise against trolls that turned the tide. Leento's lightning staff helped, too. I took Mama's skull helmet, which turned out to be enchanted with a protection spell.

9. Found some more elves like the ones above, locked in a room. We left them there, since we couldn't help them and figured they were probably safer in there than wandering about.

10. Found a room blocked by a giant boulder, too bulky for even me to lift, and in too awkward a position for a team effort. After some thinking, Leento began manipulating the stone, pushing it out of the way as if it were made of clay. Behind the stone we found the troll's treasure room. Unfortunately a troll's idea of treasure consists of the skulls and skins of their victims, but we did manage to pick up some gold, and Raistlin found a spell scroll. Then we returned to the door with the elvish rune, and Arkospixi was able to dismantle it. Inside we found some druid supplies, a few potions, and a scimitar, which i snagged.

11. The passage to the south here narrowed quite a bit, and we found out the hard way that the sides were laced with acid. Leento opened up the passage the same way he shaped the boulder. Beyond the passage was a small hatch guarded by a pair of tiny creatures, humanoid but seemingly made of mold. They attacked immediately, but we dispatched them easily.

Dungeon sketch #3

12. Climbed down the hatch and ended up in what appeared to be a small woodland cottage. Looking out the cottage's windows, we saw what seemed to be the outdoors, even with a sky. Looking up, we confirmed that there was indead a hatchway leading to the cavern above. We opened the cottage door and it seemed that we were, indeed outside, in a forest near a river. Deer, birds, and smaller animals were everywhere. A night sky was above us, and even above the cottage. Leento questioned an animal, but was not able to gain much information, but he did learn that Yerraterra was indeed the master of this place, that there were no trolls in this region, and that the animals considered this place a sanctuary. Shaking our heads, we moved on, towards the river.

13. The river was spanned by a long wooden bridge. We decided to cross, but as we got halfway there, the water rippled and we found ourselved confronting a giant water serpent. It immediately lunged down and swallowed Chyekk. Malouf and Snow jumped onto the thrashing snake, while Leento morphed into an eagle and ascended to a swooping range. The rest of us harried the creature from the bridge. Soon the beast fell, but with Chyekk trapped inside. Malouf dove into the river and after a few uncertain moments returned to the surface holding a grumpy dwarf.

14. No rest for us, though. As we travelled further north we were harrassed by several waves of the little mold-men. The final wave included some that were much tougher than the others, but Raistlin waged an unholy war against them, releasing frightening shades from the underworld. During our battle we heard a crash from the north, and immediately after our battle with the mold men we saw a giant... thing approaching us. It had chains hanging off of its limbs. It was about 9 feet tall, nearly as wide, and seemed to be composed entirely of rotting vegetable matter. The ground shuddered as it moved. Mold-men were being dragged along on the chains, trying desperately to halt its advance. More mold-men lay scattered about it, apparently dead. Raistlin fired off a few bolts of magic at it, but he was apparently mostly spent after his battle with the mold-men leaders. This was a serious battle, but Leento morphing into a bear and unbalancing the thing won it for us.

15. Tired, sore, and running out of resources, we continued north and found a veritable army of the mold-men blocking the eastern valley. We had no interest in getting into a full-scale war with the creatures, so we turned west, where the elevation was sinking and the trees were becoming more tropical in nature. We ended up in a swamp. Large, nasty looking monkey things jabbered at us from the trees and threw feces at us as we approached. Then one attacked and we soon found ourselves in battle. The creatures moved lightening fast and nearly tore us apart, but in the end we killed what appeared to be the alpha-males and the rest ran off.

16. After our battle with the monkeys, we heard beautiful music, played on a harp, off to the west. Malouf ran ahead to investigate, and we all followed. We arrived to catch a glimpse of a beautiful faerie woman fading into the trees. All of the males of the group, excepting Leento, stood awestruck, as if in a trance, but those of us who were not charmed felt somehow changed, as if we could now see the bigger picture in life. I was able to play some discordant melodies to break the trance. As we left, however, i couldn't help feel that i had missed an important opportunity. Beyond the swamp we found a stone shore, with another hatch-door embedded into it. Unfortunately, Arkospixi triggered a fire trap when opening the door. We finished off our potions and goodberries and prepared for what we somehow knew was our final confrontation with Yerraterra.

Dungeon sketch #4

17. The final battle. We were in what appeared to be a large grove, with evenly spaced rows of trees on the perimiter. The walls and ceilings were covered in vines. Yerraterra immediately fled the field, exiting through a door to the south and creating a giant wall of thorns to cover his retreat. Leento ran to follow, but the rest of us found ourselves under attack by a trio of large bears. One of the bears was of gargantuan proportions. I didn't get to see the duel between Yerraterra and Leento but at one point we all heard Yerraterra shout "Look you fool! Look what I have done! Can you still fight me, knowing my benevolance?" We had our hands full with the bears, however, plus we learned that there were two sniper druid alcolytes as well. Raistlin, out of spell power, caught one of them and beat him to death with his staff. The other managed to stay hidden during our fight. The big bear was a monster. Chyekk ran right up to it and attacked it, and took a number of big chunks out of it before he was mauled and knocked unconscious. It was a long and brutal battle, but we eventually beat the bears and found the hiding druid. Somehow during the battle Malouf managed to turn himself into a goat. As we were wrapping up, a sparrow flew into the room and we heard Leento and Raistlin shouting to catch it. We killed it, and after it died it morphed into the body of Yerraterra. Then Leento arrived, holding the Staff of the Woodlands.

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