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Recap 2 (August 4th, 2001)

A quick (?) recap of what you missed out on.

Deciding to use the path recommended by Lashtal's father, the party traveled north to the hamlet of Chutney. Staying at the local tavern, they learned that the town was in an uproar due to the fact that a local priest of a non-Tyr church was driven out of town due a political connection between the Tyr temple and the local mayor. Some citizens were upset because they had been intrigued by the new religion, but many were caught up in the religious intolerance that is becoming more prevelent as Chumera become more and more of a one religion (Tyr) kingdom. The priest's name was Marin and his god was Zebu. The adventurers were on their way to the forests of Malta and did not wish to become sidetracked by investigating the incident and so after staying the night in the tavern they continued onward.

They then reached the city of Roesh, the capital of Chumera, where Lord Phantar sits on the thrown and Thorin the high-priest of Tyr runs his temple. The city was quite large, though not as large as Betaya, and highly stylized with marble buildings, archs, and other flourishes (similar to, say, Rome circa 900 BC). This city also contains Chumera's university so while most of the party rested, Lashtal and Venetto met with two professors. The first professor was a professor of theology and Venetto questioned him on the Zebu religion. Not much was known except that it is an old religion, exisiting even before the time that Hutijan came and conquered the kingdom, and that it has popped up, cultlike from time to time in a town or village, and then was usually driven out by the dominant religious faction. The god is possibly a god of darkness or death, though the specifics are not known, and the professor cautioned that even a god of these domains is not necessarily "evil" as death is a part of the life cycle. The second professor focused his studies specifically on the travels of the Bard/Adventurer Sebastion. He was questioned regarding the fact that there are two characters named Flint Fireforge in Sebastion's epic tales, whose lives are seperated by centuries. The professor had given the matter some thought and noted that there were a tribe of desert nomads named the Zhentils who were known to have had contact with the dwarves of Rockholme. The Zhentils had a legend regarding a Fountain of Youth, and it is known that the original Fireforge spent some time as an adventurer after his victory in the Goblin Wars, so the professor speculated that perhaps he sought after and found the Fountain and that it was indeed the same Flint Fireforge who was a member of Balin the Brave's party.

After leaving the capital, the party travelled east towards Malta Forest. Along the way they were attacked by a goblin raiding party, which the adventurers made quick work of. Noticing that the goblins possessed shortswords of decent quality (unusual in these days of an iron shortage), Cheyekk chose to bring their weapons along to sell.

The next town they hit was Warrensburg. They entered the shop and sold the swords at full price. Cheyekk used the money to replace equipment lost after their loss with the orcs, and also bought some equipment for Venetto and some arrows for Arkospixi. The shopkeeper, remarking on their ability to defeat a goblin raiding party and the amount of arms and armour they were buying, advised them to visit the mayor, as he was in need of help. The party approached the mayor and were told how children had been missing from their town, and they just recently saw one of the men doing the kidnapping, but the local town guards were unable to stop him. The mayor offered a reward of 5,000 gp if the children could be restored, or 1,500 gp if the bodies could be brought back. Noting the similarities between this and the events that the party had experienced in Betaya, they agreed to help, asking for a small advance up front. The mayor provided the party with additional money to purchase more equipment and horses.

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