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Recap 5 (Jan 19th, 2002)

Party descends into the big hole in the dwarf mansion on a narrow winding staircase carved into the side of the hole. Quite a ways down, party encounters a group of dwarves. The pit itself has widened and seems to descend indefinitely. Dwarves cook the party up a nice meal, explain that they are the remnants of the dwarvern army that used to live in the mansion, and flint fireforge. Chyekk led away to discuss matters of dwarvern importance. Other party members are called away one by one. Soon there is much confusion. Why are friends attacking? Why are there two Leentos? These aren't really dwarves, they are weird grey things. They can change shape. I'm sure this isn't Chyekk's unconscious body laying on the ground, it's one of these doppelgangers. I will stab him. There. Ooops! I think i just killed Chyekk. There are more doppelgangers around the corner, approach slowly. Slowly. Hmm, they went up the stairs. We'll follow. Oops! I dropped the jade elephant. You know, that thing we came here to hide? The whole point of this quest? I dropped it. Down the pit. The one without the bottom. Ursa the bear is ok, but he let the doppelgangers pass. And they stole our treasure. Well, the dwarves' treasure, but we were gonna take it. Enchanted door that wouldn't let us out before let us out this time. And the doppelgangers, too.

Venetto tracked the doppelgangers outside the mansion but they turned east and the party had a dead dwarf to deal with so the party couldn't follow. Venetto left a ranger sign in the ground to mark the trail. Party stops to visit Lashtal's mother in Yokel. (9/27) She's ok. Venetto and Arkospixi get attacked by Monks of the Flying Monkey in a weapon shop. The shopkeeper is killed. Venetto and Arkospixi would have been killed if not for the timely intervention of the Yokel town guard. Party is asked to not return to Yokel for a while. (9/30)

Party returns to Lashtal and Leento's hometown, give the Elixer of Life to Chyekk. Leento's master says that the Druidic Council has ordered the rogue Druid Yerraterram destroyed. Party decides they will travel to the old Slaver's Fort and then head north to Yerraterram's temple.

Slaver fort has been re-occupied by orcs, led by a bugbear and some ogres. Kill easy, mash mash mash.

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