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I Did a Little Experiment

And it caused me no little pain, let me tell you.

I've spent the last 4 days listening to Z100 on my drive home.

It all started because i had left my ipod in the other car from over the wkend. We keep a disc of mp3s in each car just in case such a situation occurs. But a few weeks ago, when a couple of our friends were in town, they verified that 13 year olds are indeed still listening to the radio. And i thought, hey, let me see what passes for pop music nowadays during the 20 minutes it takes for me to get home from work. So, for the next 4 days, i tuned in to Z100.

Holy crap!

Did the commercial breaks always last 10 minutes when we listened to radio? And did they used to only play 2 songs before going into another 10 minutes of commercials? One time, i got in the car just as they played the last commercial followed by the "Commercial-free music" bumper. I thought "Perfect. Now I'll get to hear the max number of songs on my drive." The "commercial-free" period lasted exactly 2 songs. They clearly mean they don't play commercials during the songs. To be honest, after hearing said 2 songs, i can't say that wouldn't actually have been an improvement.

Remember when Cher came out with Believe in 1998? There were some jokes made about how Cher discovered the vocorder 20 years after everybody else did. Well, i think they started handing them out wholesale, cause that seems to be the "instrument" of choice for today's pop stars.

I've been trying to remember what was playing on the radio back in the 80s and 90s so i could compare the radio songs of my time with what's playing now. I'm not saying that what i was listening to then was super fantastic or anything (i'm looking at you, Wham!), but i felt like there was at least a smidgen of variety between songs (Wham! did not sound like Madonna did not sound like U2). All 4 songs i actually got to listen to in the 4 days had exactly the same dance beat/synth thing going on. Lyrically...oy. Let's not judge them on content but instead ask why is it that all of the songs seem to follow the same cadence?

I tried to do the morning show thing on my commute to work. Yeah. That wasn't happening. I turned that off in the first 2 minutes.

So, what have I concluded after 4 days of testing? I'm old, today's youngsters are listening to crap (get off my lawn!), and PC Richards and Son is the place to go for all your Mother's Day needs.

By min | May 11, 2012, 12:38 PM | Music & My stupid life | Comments (1)| Link

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