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The music of fnord12

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Chumley Lives Again   Chumley Lives

  A Very Monkey Christmas

About fnord12's music
At the risk of not letting the music speak for itself, a few words:

My goal is to create instrumental music that is hopefully interesting to listen to. I try to create music that is not repetitive but also not simply sprawling noodling or just a long guitar solo. Or if it is a long guitar solo, it should be melodic; not just me showing off my chops. My underlying goal is to create "classical music for the hard of hearing": rock music that is complex, with lots of harmonization and varied parts in each song. Sometimes i take that very literally and go for a faux-classical, especially faux-Baroque, kind of sound. Having multiple instruments each playing their own melody, and letting those melodies intertwine to form a larger song. Other time i take that basic philosophy and apply it to other genres. And i'm not too strict about anything; once i get started i go where the song takes me. I want the music to be adventurous, but not avant-garde.

I am a bedroom rocker. All the music is recorded by myself on a laptop. All the instruments (guitars, bass, synths/keys) are played by me. The drums are either a drum machine or MIDI. I'm not much for post-production so the recordings are going to sound less "produced" than most music, but i am usually happy with the sound; sort of the modern/digital version of garage rock.

Note that all songs are available for free download. In the player, you can right click (or whatever you Mac people do) on the word "mp3" to Save As to your computer.

fnord12's past bands

  • The Skelly Gang
  • Lead Singer Syndrome