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Last night I dreamt that my sister and I had to dispose of a body.  First we were called in to investigate the body.  I don't know for what.  Presumably cause of death.  But for whatever reason we decided we needed to dispose of it.  So the body was in a clinic type place.  I don't know how we disposed of it.  It just happened.  I just remember the part where I was wiping down the counters.  And I found forks stored in the cabinet which explained why there was a shortage of forks last night.  Someone idiot had put them away in the cabinet instead of the silverware drawer.

Also there was some subplot that involved a serial killer that killed people by removing 1 essential organ.  I don't know if he reached in and took it out or he could just make it disappear magically or if he performed surgery.  Prolly not surgery, though, since there were no visible scars on the bodies.

Then we somehow had to leave without getting pinned with disposing of the body.  I mean, we were called in to examine the body so if the body went missing right after we saw it, it would automatically throw suspicion on us.  This part of the plan was never really thought out.  We basically just left and hoped for the best.

Then Rolf got hit for 16 points of damage which brought his total HP from 19 to 3.  A guy with a missile weapon equipped doesn't get a counter on an opponent using a melee weapon.  And for some reason, Boyd, Oscar, and Kieran weren't enough to bring this guy down.  I think his having an axe had something to do with it.  Boyd and Kieran both use axes so there's no advantage when attacking another guy with an axe.  And Oscar uses a lance which is weak against axes, so he took a penalty.  But at least if I could surround this guy on 3 sides with Boyd, Oscar, and Kieran, it would give me enough time to move Rhys over to Rolf and get him healed.

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