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My Dreams


Children on the streets. They looked pretty neglected. And hungry. They were supposed to belong to that couple who recently moved into town. Clearly the kids are just a cover to make them appear "normal". The couple isn't human. They are posing as realtors. Showing a house to people. At the same time, it's the house they're living in. Undercover as her assistant. The kids are used for their energy which she needs to survive. I don't know how I defeated them. I think i would pretend to put the kids in the house but didn't actually. So she lost power. All I know is suddenly, the house is mine. And all these people are over sitting at the round kitchen table. We all live here now. Renovated the house. Knocked down a wall to make the entryway and hallway to the kitchen more open. There's something i forgot from the old place. I'll be right back. Sounds of fighting as soon as i close the front door. I peek in the window. One of my friends has turned into something - a demon or something. I rush back in and start attacking him/it. Kick to the gut. Knock him down. Fall on him using my elbow to jab him in the stomach. I've seen that in wrassling. More pummeling. I think i won. The demon stops possessing my friend. I look over to another friend still sitting at the table. Behind her is another her, except this one is ghoulish. She turns around and freaks out. That will be her when she's dead.

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