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My Dreams


This dream i don't remember so well since i had it saturday night/yesterday morning. It's starting to get a bit fuzzy. Especially the order of events which are none too clear to begin with. Here goes.

Rod and i were staying in a dorm. The dorm was basically a long corridor with rooms on either side. At the end, there was an entryway. Joe D. was apparently staying in one of the rooms. I knew this because i could hear a Yamaha keyboard being played and i recognized it because it was the same keyboard that we owned. And i knew that Joe owned the same.

I don't know when it happened, but at some point Dracula entered the plot. He had a castle way over there. But he wanted to take over our castle/dorm. His plan involved enthralling those on our side, ofc. That is Dracula's usual MO. The one girl he got, I knew she was in his thrall so that didn't work out so well. Plus, she didn't want to be enthralled. Since she had been bitten once and I was worried that Rod had also been bitten, I had them sit in the sun for a bit. For future reference, the cure to the first stage of vampirism is getting a tan. Clearly.

Then, I had to create a shield of some sort to protect us. We knelt in the entryway and I drew a circle. The problem was I didn't have nearly enough power to keep Dracula out. Even with the additional energy I was getting from the others in the circle. So I tapped into fairy magic. Fairies are older and have stronger magics. The magickal barrier changed from blue to green and sometimes had a scaly/armoured appearance. Bush Jr. was not in the circle. He got put under Dracula's thrall. So did Rumsfeld. Needless to say, this didn't really concern us much. We figured they were pretty much on the side of evil anyway. And both so stupid that they couldn't help getting caught.

Ok. This is when it starts to get really hazy. We had to get to Dracula's castle in order to defeat him. But we needed to distract him so that he'd be at the dorm while we were at his castle. I don't remember exactly what the distraction was, but there was definitely a huge carnivorous vine involved. It had a Petey Pirahna type head. It ripped up the ground as it travelled because it was so big. Dracula had one, too. I'm pretty sure they collided.

Rod and I hurried to Dracula's castle. There was a car involved. It had to travel along a very specific path. Straying from the path caused the ride to be much rougher. We did a couple of Dukes of Hazzard fly over cars type moves. Until we landed in a parade heading towards us. The people scattered appropriately. I think it was a Mardis Gras parade because there were costumes and lots of feathers. Got to Dracula's castle and all the protection runes had disappeared from the doors and floors. This was because Dracula planned to move into our castle/dorm, so he had them removed from his old residence. This made it much easier to get thru the place. Got to the secret floor entrance to something. And somehow by stepping on it, we defeated Dracula. Very anti-climactic.

On the bright side, we were able to recover all the rings that had been stolen from each of my Apostles. The rings were magic, obliviously, marking them as apostles.

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Me and two other girls sneak into an apartment building via the laundry shute. Casually stroll into the apartment of the guy we've come to protect except there's some stranger sitting there in the foyer. We just as casually stroll right back out of the apartment. The stranger's working for the bad guy. Think mob boss and thug. As we're nonchalantly standing out in the hallway, the guy we're supposed to be protecting walks out in cuffs, wearing a gorilla suit (minus the head) with a group of people. He sees us, smiles and thanks us. As it turns out, the whole gorilla suit thing was part of our plan to smuggle him out of the apartment safely. We're zooming down the street in 2 cars and he takes off is "disguise".

Flash to Rod and me driving down some local street in ourSUV (which shall hereafter be referred to as "Earth Punisher"). Up ahead is a grassy median and the lane splits in either direction around the median. Rod drives right over the median instead of choosing a lane. As we stop at the light, he tells me he couldn't decide which way to go. I should have seen what happened last time when it was dark out. We turn down a street and now we're driving our Earth Punisher in a department store display window. The floor and walls are white. It's full of female mannequins displaying outfits. Faceted blue and green glass/plastic are scattered on the ground around the mannequins. Even the clothes are in blue-green hues. The store's closed. We have to get out of here or we'll get in trouble. But we can't get out cause we're lost in the store. The store's layout is a room with a door that leads to a hallway that leads to a door that leads to another room that also has a door that leads to a hallway, etc. Lots of right angle turns. One door leads to a room full of computer terminals. Keep going. Now it's someone's house. We have to find a way out before the people wake up and catch us. Try another door. Crap. There's a couple in there. They're awake. It's nearly dawn. The woman asks us what we're doing here. I explain that we're lost. They live in an old, rustic looking house but it's in the middle of the city (imagine Times Square). The living rooms got 2 walls that are just huge windows so you can look out onto the street. The couple say it's awful. It's so noisy.

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