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My Dreams


I'm swimming in a large pond. My sister's there, too. Mist starts rolling in over the water even though it's a perfectly clear day. A little gray cat appearsat the edge of the pond. It's much skinnier than a cat normally is. It's about the height of a kitten. It starts to walk across the water, and as it does so, time stops. The mist stops flowing, the water stops moving except where the cat's paws touch the surface as it walks. But we don't stop. We are unfrozen because we have our own magicks. I want to keep the cat. A little boy enters the scene, causing time to start again. He sees us through a hole in the fence and comes running. It's his cat. He takes it away. His mother says she'll give us a call later.

By min | October 26, 2006, 8:32 AM | My Dreams | Comments (0)| Link

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