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My stupid life

It's My Blog And I'll Do What I Damn Well Please

Since Cheney shot that 78 year old man in the face, all the media has been abuzz about it. They can't stop talking about it. And unfortunately, neither can the blogs. They can't stop talking about it to the point where it's the only thing they have bothered to discuss. Their suspicions about Cheney's sobriety at the time, the odd delay before it was reported to the media, turning down a medical chopper for a slow ambulance ride to a non-trauma center, etc., etc. It's all important stuff that needs to be pointed out. Cheney's actions are all very questionable. I just wish they didn't get caught up in the sensationalism and develop tunnel vision. Up until Cheney shot that old man, there was a very important NSA hearing going on. Afterwards, it's like "what's NSA?". Even Cursor's caught up in it.

Rod says it's a non-issue. I don't agree. The act in itself, the apparent cover-up of some graver truths, is a pretty big deal. Should it get in the way of a hearing about the President breaking the law? No. But it's the only lie from the Bush Administration that the media has gotten up in arms about, so that in itself is significant. It's depressing and sad, but there it is.

So, after 5 days of this stuff, I got tired of it and wrote an email to Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake and said I wish they would talk about something else in addition to Cheney. The patriot act renewal is coming up. South Dakota is hoping to bring an anti-abortion case in front of the new Supreme Court. Hopefully Fitzgerald is still on the Libby case. Gonzales should recuse himself from the Abramoff thing. Anything. Just to break up the all day blogging on Cheney.

Rod tells me bloggers hate being told what to blog. I suppose it's like me telling someone what they should or shouldn't write about in their diary. So, i'm not surprised by the reply i got. It says that if I don't like it, there are plenty of other blogs on the net that are likely covering the topics i'd like to read about. She's perfectly in her right to say that. It's her blog. And what she says is true. There are other blogs out there.

The problem is that I always hope that the blogs are better than the mainstream media. I keep hoping they won't get caught up in the sensationalism. But when post after post after post is about nothing else and there's an underlying current of self-righteousness, i start to feel like the reason the story is such a hot topic is because Cheney shot someone rather than Cheney tried to hide information from the media. Everyone knows that a shooting is news. Politics is boring.

This could be a completely unfair assessment. Maybe they constantly blogged about Fitzgerald and Libby, but i didn't notice, and it didn't feel like sensationalism to me because nobody was in the ICU in this story. What with the contests to pick uncomplimentary nicknames for the network talking heads, the constant nitpicking of Pajamas Media, and the effort put forth to tank the Kate O'Beirne book on Amazon, i suppose i'm just a wee bit sensative to what the blogs are writing about. I'm an elitist, firm in my belief thatI am right, and i'm uncomfortable about it. I'm concerned that my favorite bloggers might be forgetting that they, too, should be uncomfortable with their own elitist attitudes.

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