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My stupid life

The Professional

My cousin got married earlier this month. Here's a picture from the big event.

For those of you who look at that picture and think "That's a butt," you couldn't be more mistaken. That's actually the picture of the Tea Ceremony that took place during the reception. Currently, the bride and groom are serving tea to my parents. But i could see how you might mistake it for the professional photographer's butt which happened to be obnoxiously blocking my view of a very important event.

By min | August 30, 2006, 9:43 PM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link


Second flat tire in 2 months. If God doesn't want me to go to work anymore, i wish he would just send me a letter.

By fnord12 | August 29, 2006, 5:12 PM | My stupid life | Comments (6)| Link


Thanks to Wayne and Bob, i am now full of chocodiles. They are every bit as good as i remember. I've always said this was the one thing i'd eat that wasn't vegan, but i never thought it'd actually matter since you can't get these things. Now i need a new label for my diet. Like lacto-ova vegetarian, i am now chocodile-vegan.

They got them from here. Whoah - They say "great frozen". Gotta try that.

But really guys, i don't need any more, ok?

By fnord12 | August 16, 2006, 8:50 AM | My stupid life | Comments (3)| Link

Trouble With Doors

Sure, the Man-Thing is a just non-sentient shambling mound of vegetable mass, but the truth is i run into people all the time who have trouble with doors. You don't really want to be down there in the "Feeble" category with carrot-nose. You want to read the sign (is it push or pull???), take a quick look at the type of handle you're dealing with, apply the right amount of force, etc... It gets a little trickier when there's someone on the other side of the door who wants to go in the opposite direction. Automatic doors with sensors can also cause problems. But with the right amounts of practice and planning, you can handle it.

The next step is to get yourself up in Dazzler's class. She's mastered the Speak 'n' Spell.
O I C.
O I C U R A T V.
O. O. O.

P.S. Don't ask why all those characters' names are underlined. Let's just say i was just as much a geek when i was 11 as i am today.

By fnord12 | August 4, 2006, 1:44 PM | Comics & My stupid life | Comments (3)| Link

Power Shortage

I know what we have on during our waking hours and what we have on at night so that we can sleep. I have to say that we're definitely not helping the situation in our household even if i've got the temp set at what some might consider a conservative level.

Tens of thousands of people lost power in pockets from Montclair, N.J., to Astoria, Queens to Stamford in Connecticut, but all told, the region’s power grid held up relatively well.
Officials appealed for more conservation by individuals, warning that soaring residential demand poses a new kind of threat to the grid. Demand used to drop sharply after business hours, but now can stay high around the clock, especially on hot, sticky nights as more people rely on air conditioning and keep their power-hungry computers and entertainment systems operating. In some residential areas the peak period for demand was between 8 and 9 p.m.


It's a vicious cycle, though. It's too hot to not put the A/C on, but using it generates heat that just adds to the overall problem. Which makes us more likely to use the A/C, draining more from the grid. Sure, in relative terms, it might not be a huge amount of heat input, but it's certainly not helping. Especially when you total the input of every household in the area. Ugh.

By min | August 3, 2006, 11:27 AM | My stupid life | Comments (1)| Link

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