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My stupid life

Personal Entry #1

Fnord12's been extraordinarily busy of late so you've been left in my rather incapable hands. You prolly noticed the utter lack of posts which you'd grown so accustomed to getting in abundance and frequently. What can i say? I only post when something really strikes me and i'm not left too disgusted to talk about it. In a futile attempt to alleviate your boredom, i offer this little tidbit.

I seem to have developed a nervous habit of late. I won't tell you what it is. Let's see if those of you around me can guess. It's nothing gross. But the action serves no purpose even though it's designed to appear as if it is purposeful. Like my unshakeable habit of throwing in the word "like" into every sentence i utter, this nervous habit is grating on my nerves. And i'm the one doing it. But i can't stop. So annoying.

Also, i'm interested in this movie The Covenant due to the whole "supernatural powers" angle. The only problem is, it's a horror/thriller and i'm a big wussy and refuse to watch horror movies. Why the hell did i have to acquire a fascination for the supernatural when i'm such a wimp? I can't even watch campy horror movies like Friday the 13th XXXXX: Jason and the Space Herpies or I Know What You Did Last Summer. I blame my cousin. When i was 3, she forced me to watch The Fall of the House of Usher with her and threatened to tickle me if i closed my eyes. I still remember the crazy sister killing the butler with the spiked mace. Let's put it this way. After seeing Evil Dead 2 and 3, i was a little apprehensive about having to go to the bathroom by myself.

Still reading? You must really be bored.

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