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My stupid life

What happened to this country?

We went to two different bagel stores yesterday and neither one was selling green bagels for St. Paddy's Day. This isn't the America i grew up in. What happened to tradition?

By fnord12 | March 18, 2013, 8:39 AM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link

Why not just show me one word at a time, on flashcards?

Ok, people. Just consider this post me crankily working through change acceptance and feel free to ignore it. But i'm trying out Feedly and it's got this three column layout that drives me nuts.

Really?  A quarter of the screen devoted to some menu items that should be in a drop-down somewhere?

Look at all that wasted space. I'm getting claustrophobic reading this. I feel like someone is squeezing the sides of my head.

Compare to Google Reader.

Yes, this is the sort of crap i read all day.  Now you know what i *don't* blog about.

Ahhhhh. Look how much more i can read without scrolling.

I'm not just picking on Feedly. There might even be some configuration option in Feedly i'm not aware of yet. But it's the default layout, and it's something you see a lot. TPM's front page has 3 columns (it used to have 4!) and it's also got fat margins on the side. For a while we got away from designing your websites to look like print magazine pages but with Mobile we seem to going back to it worse than ever.

I can kinda sorta understand it for the front page of a branded website. But for an RSS reader, you're going there to do some hardcore reading and you don't need all that extra crap. If you wanted that you can go to the actual website.

Anyway, to be self-aware, i know we sort-of have a 3-column website here at SuperMegaMonkey. But there's a lot more usable space. And i think seeing smiley faces as you scroll all the way down is a helpful balance to all the political crap and other random complaining we post here. And we also offer an RSS feed!

I was going to preview this post and then take a screenshot of it, creating a recursive loop, but it seemed like too much work.

And on the comics blog, you can now turn off the left nav, giving you even more space.

You knew it was going to be Secret Wars.

By fnord12 | March 15, 2013, 10:19 AM | My stupid life | Comments (1)| Link

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