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My stupid life

Hiding from the pizza purists

I had to travel for work this past week, and when i manage to sneak away from my corporate masters i use a Happy Cow phone app to locate nearby vegetarian/vegan restaurants. And this time i found a pizza place called Amici's. It bills itself as "authentic East Coast pizza" and apparently has multiple locations on the west coast. I actually come from the east coast, and i can tell you that from a crust and sauce perspective, it wasn't exactly authentic, but it wasn't terrible. More importantly, though, they offer vegan Daiya cheese.

And it seems to always be the case that the further i get from the source of real New York style pizza, the more likely i am to get vegan options. And i don't know why that is. The greater New York area surely has its share of hippies and vegans and such, and min and i actually live near a college town. So you'd think we'd have these options available to us. But no. You have to go to Portland or San Jose or whatever (i even got pizza with soy cheese in Detroit once, but it was Chicago style pizza and most likely the cheese had casein in it).

I suspect the problem is that pizza makers on the east coast have too much pride in their authentic pizza and aren't about to muck things up with something as weird as fake cheese. So you have to get outside their range of influence before pizza makers (pizzateers?) would even consider Daiya. Hopefully that will change over time.

In the meantime, min and i will keep ordering our cheese-less pizzas and then adding our own cheese (and Field Roast sausage!) after it's delivered.

By fnord12 | September 30, 2013, 12:10 PM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link


Found this guy when i got to my car this afternoon.

Wish he'd make himself useful and put air in my tires instead of just lazing around like that.

By min | September 25, 2013, 5:38 PM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link

Trains in vain

The somewhat sad cataloging of my father's train collection.

By fnord12 | September 20, 2013, 3:24 PM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link

Big trouble

So for work, i read Talent Management magazine, which is normally not worthy about writing about here. But i'm reading an article that starts off like this:

On a Monday night in June I was sitting in bed reading a golf magazine and I said to my beautiful wife Laura, "I'm going to design a golf course, and it will be made of bricks."

She asked; "Bricks? How about grass?"

I replied, "No, bricks."

"And who is going to help you?" she asked.

I said, "The people in this room."

The next thing I remember is a paramedic bringing me into Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California. I was having a transient ischemic attack - a mini stroke.

From there the author transitions into a benign message about how people in HR have to be able to diagnose and solve problems. But holy crap! If a mildly nonsensical conversation is the warning sign for a stroke, min and i are in trouble. Because i guarantee you that min's next line in the above dialogue would be "Well, even if you build the course, you still won't be able to get the dinosaurs to play golf." And then she'd go back to whatever she was doing.

(As an aside, i really don't approve of that semicolon after "She asked" in the quote above, but it's in the original.)

By fnord12 | September 11, 2013, 10:37 PM | My stupid life | Comments (1)| Link

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