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My stupid life

I won't be pardoning any tofurkeys this weekend, that's for sure

I apologize for my two political posts today. I know it's the wrong time of year for it, like i'm your crazy uncle rambling on at dinner. Sorry, sorry. I was going to end with a post linking to Obama's turkey pardoning and do a dumb parody of myself complaining that, sure the right-wingers don't like that he's pardoning the turkey but in my opinion Obama isn't going far enough. But when i went to look for an article to use, i found this instead. Again, sorry.

Anyway, happy thanksgiving!

By fnord12 | November 27, 2013, 11:44 AM | My stupid life | Comments (0)| Link

Results of mixing Dayquil with Mello Yello Zero and Sunkist Ten

Hour one: Ahhh kaff kaff kaff oh god

Hour two: Hey, i'm not feeling too bad. I think i'll read the entire internet cover to cover. Ok that's done. What else? Dishes. Laundry. Work email. Anybody post anything new anywhere on the internet?

Hour three: Whoooooooooooooooo! Did the walls always move in and out like that? Are those my ears? How can i hear my own ears?

Hour four: Ahhh kaff kaff kaff oh god. Is this better or worse than severe liver damage from taking more Dayquil too soon?

In any event, not a good time to try reviewing Tom DeFalco's contribution to the Hobgoblin saga.

By fnord12 | November 22, 2013, 12:34 PM | My stupid life | Comments (3)| Link

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