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My stupid life

Now It's Happening at Work

It took me a while to get this up...

About 1 week after the baby bunny incident, i'm unlocking the front doors at work, and i see this sitting on the patio right in front of the door:

Fnord tells me it looks like it's the size of a hen, but it was actually about the size of my palm.

Normal birds, when you open doors near them, fly away. This one just sat there like a lump. I sort of tapped it with my foot to encourage it to fly away. The damned thing rolled over! Why did you roll over! Why didn't you fly away! Or hop? Are you broken???

It wasn't broken. I know this because after several minutes of me crouching right next to it, it finally decided it had enough and walked a whole 2 feet away.

I googled. I think it's some kind of sparrow. And since some of the feathers on its back were still fluffy, i think it meant it was a fledgeling - old enough to be kicked out of the nest but not yet able to fly. So that explains why it didn't fly away when i opened the door. It doesn't explain why it just sat there like a dope when i was practically on top of it. It might not be able to fly, but its legs were in perfect working order. Hop, damn you!

It spent the whole day hiding behind a metal bin. It was gone the next morning, so it either figured out how to fly or a feral cat got it. We're going to go with the first option.

By min | May 31, 2015, 1:45 PM | My stupid life | Link

I Think We Won the Amazon Wars

We've achieved all we can ever hope to achieve in this life. We just got the biggest box ever from Amazon.

And it's full of essential stuff - popcorn and vegan cheddar kettle chips. Yeah. We did that.

I don't think we can ever apologize enough to our poor mail carrier.

By min | May 31, 2015, 1:36 PM | My stupid life | Link

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